Travel Money Oz
Travel Money Oz
300% Increase in organic traffic in 18 months
195% YoY increase in organic traffic


Travel Money Oz is one of Australia’s leading money exchange services, offering a unique model of no-fee and no-commission money exchange. They are also agents for Cash Passport™, Cover-More Travel Insurance and MoneyGram® International Money Transfers.


The key targets Travel Money Oz set with us were in regards to their organic reach, and traffic. Their SEO approach had been fairly elementary prior, which would greatly impact the strategy set by our SEO experts moving forward.


We conducted keyword research to determine appropriate target terms for the site and agreed on further terms that would become part of a future focus as the site grew. Following the completion of an agreed keyword list, we conducted a technical SEO and content audit of the site to ensure the best structure for SEO was in place. The following activity was also a focus during the campaign:

  • Increase site authority through content marketing and blogger outreach
  • Site monitoring during implementation of content changes and follow-up SEO audits
  • Recommendations for new site content to improve site quality for SEO
  • Optimisation of meta information for all existing pages and new pages
  • Planning for best SEO practices to be transferred to a new website built to improve conversion
  • Bulk management of local listings through Google My Business
  • High level of communication with the Travel Money Oz team to ensure full visibility into the campaign.


With the right recommendations and timely implementation, the Travel Money Oz site was able to rank for highly competitive keywords with strong user intent.

The key findings from the case were:

  • A 300% increase in organic traffic over 18 months – credited to the increased organic visibility achieved from our strategy
  • A 194.54% YoY increase in organic traffic.

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