TUH Health Fund
TUH Health Fund
PPC Management & Marketing PPC Management & Marketing
↑ 550% view-through conversions via programmatic
↑ 216% social conversions
↑ 287% conversions via search & RSLA


Insuring professionals across a range of industries, TUH Health Fund originated from the Queensland Teachers’ Union. It covers and supports the health of Australian union members including teachers, nurses and government employees. As a member-owned insurer, the majority of TUH Health Fund premiums are put back into funding benefits and services.


With the industry anticipating zero (or even negative) growth, TUH was looking to run a ‘conquesting’ campaign against the top industry players with its message “compare, switch and save”.

They had already identified March and April as the best time for this type of campaign, given the heightened awareness of private health insurance during the annual premium increases.

We had 2 key objectives for this campaign:

  • Acquisition: Win competitors’ customers by persuading them to “compare, switch and save”.
  • Retention: Retain existing TUH members by reinforcing the value they get from their extras.

We set out to do this by running a full funnel strategy suiting a range of platforms such as:

  • Programmatic Display
  • Social
  • Search


Put simply, we addressed both sides of this campaign as follows:

  • Acquisition: We launched a full funnel solution targeting the client’s next best customers and leading them down the conversion funnel through the use of a multi-platform strategy. We aimed at being present through every stage: awareness, interest, consideration and the desired outcome/action.
  • Retention: Our goal was to remind current TUH customers of the benefits they have as part of their policy with fun and engaging videos and ad copy through Search and Social Remarketing strategies.

In more detail, we approached the campaign in 3 distinct phases:

  • Reaching TUH’s Next Best Customer: Using our programmatic partner, we were able to create a blueprint of TUH’s ideal customer based on the client’s main conversions. Using these insights, we then prospected users across the net who showed similar data points and who were more likely to convert.
  • Influencing consideration: Social has played a key role in supporting the consideration stage of the campaign. The team has targeted the client’s key audiences through a mix of fun and engaging posts, each with key specific messages to influence each of the specific audiences.
  • Time to convert: Search supported the lower funnel of the strategy by implementing campaigns across the client’s key terms.


In meeting these objectives, we were able to accomplish the following through our 60 day PPC campaign:

  • 287% YoY increase in conversions for Search, with a 70% decrease in CPA
    • with a 70% decrease in CPA
  • 216% YoY increase in social conversions, with a 52% decrease in CPA
    • with a 70% decrease in CPA
  • 550% YoY increase in view-through conversions with programmatic
    • with an 82% decrease in CPA

Most significantly, our PPC strategy achieved a 321% increase in total conversions (compared to last year’s performance).

Delivering a full funnel campaign for TUH has resulted in strong year-on-year results for the client and is also a strong win for our team. While Search Factory had previously provided TUH with PPC ads, the multifaceted nature of this particular campaign called for a holistic approach which we were able to deliver by running the entire campaign in house. Having full visibility and control over each of the strategies has allowed the team to deliver this strong YoY result. As the team prepares to wrap up this campaign, we are looking forward to using this year’s learnings to further improve our goals in the months and years to come.

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