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Less Cash, More Clicks

Any decent PPC campaign will increase your exposure. Truly optimising the amount of leads generated, while minimising the cost per conversion, takes a certain level of expertise.

Our PPC agency specialises in taking our clients’ campaigns to the next level. How do we do it? With intelligent, split-tested strategies that are designed to maximise your ROI and tailored to your business goals. And our enterprise partnerships (including with Google) and rich experience in PPC management certainly help a bit as well.

Google AdWords

AdWords is one of the most commonly used platforms for PPC campaigns. With industry-leading expertise in this field, we know when AdWords will be a suitable channel for your campaign – and we know how to harness its full potential. You can learn more on our Google AdWords management page.



It tends to get overlooked by many PPC agencies, but Bing still carries a significant amount of the market (around 8% of global desktop search traffic). If you’re trying to increase leads while minimising your average cost per click (CPC), Bing should form an integral part of your PPC management...

Google Retargeting and Display Marketing

Google Retargeting and Display Marketing

Pursue lost leads and cart abandoners with strategic retargeting campaigns or invest in display marketing for maximum brand awareness.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network

There are countless potential places where we can display your ads through the GDN. Maximise your reach with a broad approach or filter down to focus on a niche.

Shopping Ad Campaigns

Shopping Ad Campaigns

If online transactions are an important KPI for your business, Google Shopping is an essential part of your PPC strategy.

What clients say about our PPC services

My experience with Search Factory has been fabulous. Dani has always been very proactive and efficient in responding to all requests. Plus our results have exceeded anything that we have run before for our Google AdWords, Display and remarketing campaigns. We would happily recommend them to anyone looking for a Search team.

Helen Thompson, Group Marketing Manager – Go Health Clubs https://www.gohealthclubs.com.au/
Why choose Search Factory for your PPC management?
Why choose Search Factory for your PPC management?

Our PPC agency is powered by iProspect, which is a member of the Dentsu Aegis Network. This partnership gives us access to iProspect’s Tier 1 Google Partner status – a game-changing advantage in PPC management. We have access to additional information, alpha/beta trials and support most agencies can only dream of.
We also have full access to Facebook’s VIP Client Support services. These levels of support and training go well beyond what’s accessible to your average SME, giving our team an extra edge.

Harness the power of machine learning and AI
Harness the power of machine learning and AI

Would you prefer your PPC manager to spend their time manually updating bids? Or strategising ways to enhance your campaigns and analysing performance to improve results?
You’d rather the latter, right? So would we.
That’s why we use machine learning algorithms to automate bidding and optimise your advertising spend.
These advanced AI algorithms monitor the performance of your keywords and product groups, automatically adjusting in real time to achieve:

  • The highest number of conversions
  • The greatest amount of revenue
  • The best position Or the highest number of clicks.

Depending on the engine, bid strategies can also adapt based on location targets, mobile devices, and marketing targets.

Real Clients, Real Success Stories
WorkwearHub WorkwearHub
Increased revenue from paid search25%
TUH Health Fund TUH Health Fund
view-through conversions via programmatic↑ 550%
What you'll love about our PPC strategies
Instant exposure

With PPC, you appear right away. No waiting around for 6 months while your content gets indexed – just set a budget, create your ads, and see an immediate ROI. This is what makes PPC marketing an obvious and popular digital marketing channel when ‘quick wins’ is the name of the game.

Highly targeted advertising campaigns

Our PPC management specialists can help you target the exact people you’d like to advertise to. By collaborating with our national network via iProspect, we’ll create a smart pay per click strategy that involves any combination of geographic, psychographic, demographic and interest-based targeting (among others).

Powerful tools for brand re-engagement

Keeping an existing customer is 5 times cheaper than attaining a new one. Retargeting is a crucial tool for retention, as it serves as a shortcut for re-engaging people who are already familiar with your brand. We conduct retargeting strategies (including Google remarketing) on a deeper level than other PPC agencies, who tend to only focus on visitors of particular pages. We retarget to custom audiences (built from CRM data) and audience pools based on onsite engagement.

Data-driven decisions

There’s no driving in the dark here. We use historical figures and well-educated projections to shine a headlight on the best PPC marketing road for us to take while steering your campaigns.

Detailed, tailored reporting and analysis

Every client has different KPIs and business goals. So we refuse to use a cookie-cutter report template. Instead, we customise our reporting to your needs, ensuring the documents you receive are easy to understand. Our reports feature actionable insights that are designed to continuously improve your PPC management strategy.

DAN proprietary software

We’re backed by iProspect, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network. This global business has developed several pieces of proprietary software we can use to optimise our PPC campaigns. We also have tier 1 partnerships with Facebook and Google. These give us access to exclusive betas, additional support, and opportunities for world-class training with these providers.

Friendly, dedicated account managers

We know you’ll love the results you get from our PPC management. And we know you’ll enjoy working with our people too. Your friendly account manager is always just an email or call away to answer questions and make suggestions.

Training workshops

Want to learn more about PPC marketing while working with us? Just ask! We’re more than happy to prepare and organise a workshop to help develop your own understanding of this field.

Want to learn more about PPC advertising?

PPC management with Search Factory goes above and beyond optimising your PPC investment. In addition to keeping you informed of your progress, with the latest statistics on leads and clicks, we also invest time into educating you on what we’re doing. This means you can develop a deep understanding of how PPC marketing is producing a real ROI for your business.
Your personal account manager is always available for a chat or email, so you can check and see how your PPC campaign is progressing at any time.

It all depends on your business, your audience and your objectives. We don’t pre-plan which platforms are best or worst – we consider the elements we’ll be using to measure the campaign’s effectiveness and success, and select the platforms to suit.

Success should be gauged alongside your business objectives. With a thorough understanding of your long-term objectives and any short-term targets, we can identify metrics that will give you a clear snapshot of how successful your paid campaigns are.
What about offline sales though? Impossible to track online, right?
Thanks to advances in advertising platforms (particularly Google and Facebook), we can now access data that clearly shows when and how your online marketing activity is contributing to offline sales, leads, and foot traffic.

This will be unique to your situation. More money doesn’t always equal better results – it’s all about striking a balance between investment and conversions, as well as integrating paid search effectively with your other marketing activities. For a helpful resource on getting started, we created a guide on choosing the right budget for Google AdWords. If you’re looking to have a paid media budget recommended to you based on your objectives, get in touch with one of our friendly consultants today.

Ongoing management includes:

  • Campaign tracking
  • Budget tracking
  • Campaign adjustments
  • Regular reporting
  • Performance analysis
  • Insights and advice.

We can deliver whichever ongoing services will help the campaign meet your overall targets.

This is driven by how we measure the campaign’s success. Whatever metric the business is striving to achieve from the campaign spend, we will report on how it’s progressing.

To be more specific, the 4 main ways we can report on performance are by looking at:

  • Click metrics (e.g. number of clicks, click-through rate, cost per click)
  • Conversion metrics (e.g. number of conversion, conversion rate, cost per conversion)
  • Business goals (e.g. revenue, ROI, cost per store visit/phone call)
  • The lifetime value of an average customer.

We’ll choose the approach (or the combination of approaches) that most closely aligns with your KPIs and the type of campaign(s) we’re managing for you.

Incredibly. That’s the advantage of PPC – our team can target not just by demographic or location, but also by user intent, interests and behaviours (depending on the platforms you use). For example, on Google AdWords you could target Brisbane women in their 30s who are actively searching for your product, to ensure your brand reaches them at the most optimal point of the conversion funnel.

Wherever paid advertising can reach. Social media, search engines, ad exchanges, publishers, YouTube, mobile apps… these and more make for standard PPC campaign platforms.

It’s easy – just contact us to chat about your PPC needs.

Ready for more leads and sales? Let's make it happen.
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