A Day In The Life Of A Paid Media Manager
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February 17,2016

A Day In The Life Of A Paid Media Manager


Wake up and go to the gym. HAHAHAHA not.


My alarm goes off (for the first time) and I wake up wondering why I don’t have one of those Kardashian-type jobs. All this wondering makes me tired and I fall back asleep.


My alarm goes off again and I’m running late. Really late. Damn, I guess there is no way I can go to the gym this morning (evil grin).


Leave the house (getting ready in 30 minutes must be a world record or something) and drive to work not listening to Justin Bieber ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Stop at red lights and take a selfie.


Immediately delete selfie because I look like I literally died overnight and have been resurrected in the morning. What was I thinking?


Arrive at work. Time to check emails/calendar/project management software. Looks like another cray day ahead.


Need. Coffee. In. My. Body. Now. OMG I need coffee. Coffee is the fuel of life. If coffee didn’t exist I’d probably be reduced to nothing. Hey, you know what’s great? Coffee.


A piccolo has been consumed and colour begins to return to my face. Time to check how my clients did overnight and pace accounts accordingly.


Meeting with client to run through amazing results they achieved last month. Conversions up, CPA down – nailed it!


Just received a brief from a client on a campaign they’re about to run. Time to start planning which paid channels to utilise. I love strategising almost as much as I love optimising.


Ask around what everyone’s lunch plans are. I’m RAVENOUS and craving Thai!


I’m full but there is still room for a brownie.


There was no room for a brownie. I’m overeaten and I feel sick. #PrayForMilos


Time to launch a new campaign. Better get started on building it out.


My caffeine levels are dangerously low. Time to flip for a coffee at the local coffee shop. It would just be easier if I had an IV drip to save me the walk.


Finish off the build I started earlier and launch a campaign.


OMG HOW IS IT 3PM ALREADY?!?!?!??!! Where has the day gone? PANIC!


Optimisation across accounts. The magic happens here. I never thought I’d be in such a maths/stats orientated profession but I LOVE it.


Client call to discuss upcoming paid media strategies for their campaign.


Urgent sale updates which need to go up ASAP.


Home time.


Actual home time.


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PPC Management
February 17,2016
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