How To Prepare Your Business For Click Frenzy
How To Prepare Your Business For Click Frenzy
George Mortimer George Mortimer
PPC Management
May 16,2019

How To Prepare Your Business For Click Frenzy

Click Frenzy presents a massive opportunity for retailers to rake in revenue. But to turn those clicks into profits, you need to approach this event with a clear strategy.

Let’s unpack what Click Frenzy is, why you should pay attention to it, and the best way to plan for it.


What is Click Frenzy?

Just in case you’ve never been caught up in the mayhem yourself, here’s a quick rundown on what Click Frenzy is.

Click Frenzy is a 29-hour online sale where retailers offer over a thousand exclusive deals to subscribers. There are three types of Click Frenzies:

  • The original Click Frenzy
  • Click Frenzy Mayhem (focuses on driving a sales spike during a quiet time of year)
  • Travel Frenzy (revolves around flights, accommodation, and other travel-related products).

The event typically runs from 7pm on a Tuesday until midnight on the Wednesday. You can learn more about it on the Click Frenzy website.

Helpful hint: You don’t have to participate in the official Click Frenzy to benefit from it. Running a sale (with a strong AdWords push) alongside the event will also allow you to capitalise on the consumer appetite. However, if you’re trying this strategy, make sure to run a significant offer; frenzy customers will be expecting a discount or bargain when they click.

The points below can generally be applied to your retail business whether you’re getting involved with Click Frenzy formally or informally.


Why is Click Frenzy worth your attention?

3 Reasons for Click Frenzy

Customers with Intent

When you run a sale or promotion, the first hurdle to overcome is convincing a customer that they want to spend money (and that your product is worthy of that money). While Click Frenzy is happening, you get to bypass this first step – people searching for ‘click frenzy’ terms have already indicated their interest in spending. So you know the customers viewing your products are planning to shop.


Massive Revenue and Awareness Opportunity

The sheer number of people interested in Click Frenzy means plenty of eyes will see your products and brand. The term ‘click frenzy’ alone has 135,000 searches per month (on average, peaking during months when a Click Frenzy is happening).


Revenue Spike for Quiet Times

If your business – like many retailers – hits a sales trough around May, the Click Frenzy Mayhem event provides a fantastic opportunity to boost those numbers.


How to Plan for Click Frenzy

Now that you’re convinced Click Frenzy is worth your attention, here are five tips for making the most of this event.

1. Phase Your Budget

If your AdWords spend is usually spread evenly over time, you’ll want to make some changes during a Click Frenzy month. Flight your budget to conserve spend in the lead-up to Click Frenzy, then go as hard as possible on the day itself.

You’ve only got 29 hours to take advantage of the event. Make them count.


2. Create an Audience

In the lead-up to Click Frenzy, build a remarketing audience of people who have been on your site but haven’t converted. Seeing your frenzy offers could be just the push they need to take their shopping cart right through to the end.

Sidenote: This is also a useful tactic for during/after the frenzy, so you don’t waste all that traffic coming through to your site. Now that you know they’re interested in your products, you can build another remarketing audience to target with ads long after the event is over. This is particularly relevant for people who engage with your site during the frenzy but don’t convert at the time.


3. Use That Audience

Once you’ve built your pre-frenzy remarketing audience, prepare to hit them with everything you’ve got during the event. That means lighting the beacons through every channel at your disposal:

  • eDM
  • Paid and native social
  • Search (using ad copy and ad customisers tailored to Click Frenzy).


4. Maximise Revenue

Remember tip 1, where we said to conserve your budget and then maximise bids during Click Frenzy?

Here’s why.

Conversion rates during Click Frenzy are significantly higher than usual (due to people’s readiness to spend). This means going hard with your AdWords budget will pay off – even if it means a higher CPC.

Here’s a hypothetical table to illustrate: (detailed explanation below)

Click Frenzy Example Table
See glossary at end for any acronyms you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Your usual conversion rate is 4%. You spend $200 per day for 303 visitors, which leads to 12 transactions and $1,200 in revenue. The CPC here is $0.66 and your ROAS is 500%.
  • Your Click Frenzy conversion rate is 7%. You spend $200 like always and get your usual 303 visitors, but this time is leads to 21 transactions and $2,100 in revenue. The CPC here is $0.66 and your ROAS is 950%.

That’s nice, but what if you were going hard during Click Frenzy? For example, what if you spent $400 instead of $200 on this day? Well:

  • Your Click Frenzy conversion rate is 7%. You go hard with $400 and get 381 visitors instead of your usual 303. This leads to 27 transactions and $2,700 in revenue. The CPC has risen to $1.05, but your ROAS is still higher than usual at 575%.

So, you might pay more per click if you go hard during Click Frenzy, but the higher conversion rate during this period means you’ll likely see a greater return than on a typical day. You’ll also get extra brand exposure from all the additional traffic to your site.

Setting your standard ROAS as a benchmark can help you determine if the extra conversions justify the higher CPC. This also means you can adjust your budgeting for the next Click Frenzy.


5. Bid Harder on Broader Search Terms

Broader terms will pull in more traffic than niche terms, and you’ll likely find they perform quite well during the frenzy (since users are more prepared to buy). A simple sale banner on your website can do wonders for your conversion rate.


Wrapping Up

Click Frenzy gives your retail business a huge opportunity to increase revenue, but it won’t just happen without some forethought. To really make the most of this event, follow the tips above and consider the best approach for your business. Or reach out to our paid media experts for some assistance.



  • CPC: Cost Per Click
  • CVR: Conversion Rate
  • AOV: Average Order Value
  • ROAS: Return On Ad Spend
PPC Management
May 16,2019
George Mortimer

Author: George Mortimer

With over 10 years of experience in paid media, George has extensive expertise in both national and international paid media strategies across a wide range of industries. Notably, George has specialised in the travel and retail categories - having worked on Flight Centre Travel Group, SurfStitch, Billabong and Deus Ex Machina.

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