The Top 5 Benefits of Paid Search
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February 27,2014

The Top 5 Benefits of Paid Search

How does Paid Search Benefit companies? Here is a breakdown of the Top 5 Paid Search Benefits

In today’s digital market, competition and being front and centre of your potential customers and ranking on the page 1 of Google has become more and more important. More so than what it was 5 years ago. One aspect of digital marketing allows you to be top of mind and in front of your potential customers all the time. This form of marketing is known as paid search.

Paid search allows businesses to stay ahead of their competition, be it your small business or corporate enterprise. The companies that utilize Paid Search generate their source of income from this service and will always place their paid adverts front and centre to their potential customers. Allowing them to maximize their potential Return on Investment with highly targeted adverts specific to the user groups that they are looking to promote their offers and services to. Increasing the likely hood that they will click on their advert. To summarize, these are the top 5 benefits of paid search and what they bring to the table.

Immediate Top Placement

Paid search is the only system where you can appear ahead of your competition directly in front of your potential customer all the time. Depending on the price you are willing to pay & your budget, your adverts can appear at the top of every search result or even on select websites with a highly targeted message that you have full control over.

Statistics to help fine tune your Marketing

Using the data collected and the targeting methods available, Paid Search allows you to make informed decisions and choices on what should be done to your website to achieve the best ROI possible. Changes in Ad Copy, Promotions and Specials can have a massive impact by making informed decisions from the statistics gathered.

Return on Investment

When your advert appears and because you pay for PPC only when an ad is clicked, it’s easy to manage costs, track conversions, and determine your ROI. Cost-per-conversions are valuable when comparing your PPC campaign ROI against other marketing tactics. Data is reported accurately and correctly and campaign results can be tracked extensively.
For example; if a business invests $300/month in AdWords setting their maximum cost per click at $0.50 and they receive 60 conversions at an average sale price of $100, a 10% return can return $6000 in sales.

With positive results such as this, Adverts can be deployed a larger scale. Re-investing profits made from Paid Search allowing you to increase overall success with no risk.

Global Reach

Using Paid Search allows you to be extremely scale-able and reach a massive proportion of Internet users. Due to Search Factory’s buying power, we can reach and target potential customers with paid adverts. As a certified partner to Google, Search Factory adverts are distributed across all Google Properties as well as on partner sites, newsletters and email. AdWords ads reach millions of people worldwide every month and are seen by over 80% of Internet users in the United States alone each month.
The other 20% we also have access to through other search mediums. Allowing you to be seen by 100% of all Internet users.

Highly targeted ads

Unlike traditional advertising and most forms of online advertising, where messages are broadcast to a general audience, paid ads are shown only to people who indicate an interest in a specific topic or fit into a specific category.
People indicate their interest searching for specific terms or keywords. In a split second Google & other search engines returns the natural search results for that particular keyword and paid ads that are pertinent to the user’s searched keywords.

This makes ads relevant and useful in the same way as the natural search results. This model of advertising is both effective and compelling since a business can advertise only to people who indicate interest at the exact moment that they indicate their interest. Allowing you to capture audiences that are in the final stages of the buying cycle by targeting people who use the terms “buy” “sale” “purchase” along with other buying signals that may be related to that industry. Protection Status

PPC Management
February 27,2014
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