4 ways to improve your Return On Investment by using SEO and SEM together in your digital marketing strategy.
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Search Engine Optimisation
August 5,2013

4 ways to improve your Return On Investment by using SEO and SEM together in your digital marketing strategy.

Integrating SEO & SEM strategies almost instantly creates a more successful digital marketing strategy. While they are different in many ways, it can be helpful to think of SEO and SEM as being two sides of the same coin: search.

Here are 4 ways you can improve your Return On Investment by using SEO and SEM  together in your digital marketing strategy.

Sharing data in Google Analytics

Combining the data of your SEM and SEO efforts will extend the sample of data you can analyse. You will be able to work out sooner which keywords are converting better for your industry and optimise your overall online strategy.

More visibility in search engines

One of the most obvious benefits to combining SEO and SEM  is the benefit of consuming more real estate in the search engine results pages. The screenshot below illustrates where SEO (red) and PPC (blue) sit on a search engine results page (SERP).  Ideally you would consume some real estate in the PPC and some in the SEO areas of the first search results page.


Dominating the search engine results will significantly increase the click through rates (CTR) to your website and also give the impression of your established position within the market. This is a fantastic method of advertising for anyone in the e-commerce or online retail sector who faces a significant level of competition.

Marry click through rates from PPC to improve META data.

PPC / Google Adwords is a fantastic way to test the waters when it comes to a hunch you have. Using SEO to determine these factors will take a lot longer as Google will only update your website periodically. Use PPC to determine the best converting titles and ad copy and then apply these metrics to your organic strategy through your titles and meta descriptions.

Testing new organic search terms with PPC.

As PPC / Google Adwords campaigns take effect almost immediately, testing and determining the better keyword search phrases can be done quickly. As you continue to work on your organic search strategy, testing the conversion and click through rates of new keywords through this method will save you time.

The bottom line

Many online marketers think that PPC spend can be decreased when SEO kicks in. As a matter of fact, you are probably better keeping SEO and PPC running together to maximise your overall online marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation
August 5,2013

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