5 Things SEO is Like
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Search Engine Optimisation
February 6,2013

5 Things SEO is Like

Many people do not understand SEO and explaining SEO to some people can often be very difficult to put into words they will understand. To make things easier, here are 5 things that SEO is like!


Cheap and nasty SEO packages are like fast food – they might sound like a good idea at the time, but over an extended period you are going to see some really unhealthy results – either in the form of gaining a lot of weight or damaging your website. Everyone is different, so consult a nutritionist and get a tailored nutrition plan to suit your individual needs. Don’t put up with ‘fast food’ style SEO! Get a tailored SEO plan to suit the goals and current state of your website.

SEO is like Food

Weight Loss

Any successful weight loss diet requires a long term plan. Short term ‘fad’ diets may see quick improvements but they won’t be long lasting. Sooner or later you are going to slip back to where you started and probably find it harder to get started again. It is also important to remember not to stop! Because once you stop, all of the results you worked so hard to accomplish will slowly fade away!

SEO is like Weightloss


If you want to win a car race, what’s better? One Lamborghini Aventador or 100 Honda Civics? It’s common sense that a greater number of cars will not make you faster in a race! The same goes for your link building – if you want to win the ranking race, you need to focus on getting the Lamborghinis and not the huge numbers of Civics.

SEO is like Cars

Breaking Bad

Walter goes from being an ordinary high school chemistry teacher to putting on the Heisenberg black hat in order to make some quick cash. He sees some great short-term wins but anyone who is cheating the system is eventually going to bring about their own demise. It doesn’t matter if you wear the SEO black hat or the Heisenberg black hat, Google or the DEA will catch you! Both are ruthless and you WILL pay the price!

SEO is like Breaking Bad

Bungy Jumping

You wouldn’t jump off a dodgy looking bridge overhanging a crocodile infested river with tattered and frayed bungy ropes would you? Look for a quality SEO agency providing a quality service! If you jump – they will catch you and bring you back to the top (of the SERP’s!), whereas the dodgy SEO agency is happy to take your money, watch the rope snap and see you float down the river with the crocodiles.

SEO is like Bungy Jumping

Search Engine Optimisation
February 6,2013

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