Humour As The Master Of Link Baiting: 3 Awesome Examples
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February 23,2013

Humour As The Master Of Link Baiting: 3 Awesome Examples

Everyone loves a good laugh. Marketers are all well aware of how important it is to draw an emotional connection with your audiences with the use of humour. In the digital marketing space, there’s another compelling reason why you need to embrace a bit of humour and fun for your content strategy. Follow me below and I’ll show you three awesome examples of why humour is the master of link baiting.

What Is Link Bait?

Matt Cutts from Google described link bait as something interesting enough to catch people attention. From Gangnam style to Harlem shake, we’ve all witnessed the huge power of funny content in generating shares and likes. From a link building perspective, these shares that link back to your site will help support your link building effort with strong social signals. Best of all, if you’ve created some really great (or silly!) content such as those in three examples below, you might even score yourself some high authority backlinks at no cost.

Squirrel Underpants


Why should I care about naked squirrels? You might ask yourself. Yes, I believe the majority of us wouldn’t be able to justify spending USD6.50 to cover up the squirrel family who lives in our backyard. I’d really curious to see the conversion rate of this site. However, what amazed me wasn’t how they managed to produce fingertip sized pants like real, it was how they got their site a PR3 ranking with very thin content on the site. There are only three internal pages built, and the content on each page is all less than 500 words.

Drilling into their backlink profile on Open Site Explorer, the mystery is solved. A number of high authority backlinks stood out: – DA93 – DA90 – DA85

Turned out that these mini-me underpants might not have created some great fortune for them, but have certainly attracted some attentions which led to a few  relevant and high quality backlinks that people link to naturally.


It’s brilliant how the guys behind the ad campaign of the new comparison website gave a witty twist to a boring subject, insurance and finance. The star in their camapaign is a Russian meerkat names Aleksandr Orlov, who is the founder of The campaign is a cleverly constructed play-on-words between a common mistake of consumers searching for ‘meerkat’ rather than ‘market’. Aleksandr Orlov the new internet celebrity has gained himself more than 18,000 likes on Facebook since their fan page launched in September 2012. The witty campaign has immediately generated some talks among the industry and scored themselves a local .AU link of DA60 on AdNews AU, as well as on DA59 Campaign Brief site, and this is just the start  of it.

How To Basic

Alright, so much about these fury little friends. Our next star in our 3 best humourous link bait campaign is, an egg. This guy from How To Basic seems to love his eggs so much that he would smash an egg into every ‘How To’ videos he makes. He seems to enjoy cooking a lot as most of his videos are about recipes (again, with eggs!), but the one that got my vote is this is How To Make A Baby (it’s appropriate for viewing at work, trust me). Among the dozens of high quality links he attracted one of the best came from College Humour which carries a DA of 90.

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Those who give shall receive. Spread some laughter and see for yourself how your sites get rewarded with free backlinks.

What’s your favourite campaign that gives you a good laugh? Spread the laughter here and share with us in comment!

Search Engine Optimisation
February 23,2013

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  1. Those who give shall receive. Spread some laughter and see for yourself how your sites get rewarded with free backlinks.

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