Investing In Your Online Future With SEO
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Search Engine Optimisation
July 21,2014

Investing In Your Online Future With SEO

SEO is not a magic bullet, it is an investment. Spending money on an SEO campaign can be frustrating when you have paid good money and you don’t see instant results, but you are investing in the future success of your website so it is worth the wait. So let’s take a look at why a long-term, strategic approach is the best way to get bang for your buck in the long run, and why a little patience will pay off.

But I Want Rankings NOW!

Google is constantly updating and tweaking the way they rank websites, this is known as the “Google Algorithm”. One approach to SEO is to test and find ways to game the algorithm and artificially boost rankings. These techniques are known in the industry as black hat or grey hat SEO and they will get you big increases in a short amount of time, but these improvements will not last and can be very dangerous, resulting in a Google manual penalty that may remove your entire website from Google!

black hat

This can be devastating to businesses and the only way to recover is either a very long process of link removals and manual penalty reconsideration requests, or building a new website altogether. Both these options will be time-consuming and costly.

Ok so what is the right way of doing SEO?

The SEO good guys employ techniques known as white hat SEO. These techniques follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines and ensure your site will not be penalised in the future. Unfortunately doing SEO the white way can take much longer to see results.

Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, wears a traditional white cowboy hat at the Calgary airport in Calgary

In order to understand how to do SEO like a good guy lets break it down into two things;

  1. Your website (also know as onsite SEO)


  1. Authority (also know as offsite SEO)

Your Website

Fixing your website is the first thing that should be done. This can also get some long lasting, short-term gains. We perform a comprehensive technical SEO Audit on all new SEO clients that we work with. This audit ensures;

-All technical issues are identified and fixed.

-Meta information (what appears in Google searches) is optimised for length and conversion.

-Your content is unique and correctly optimised with the keywords you target.

-URL structure correctly groups relevant content.

-Internal linking is correctly structured.

Once your site is fixed you have a better base to build your ongoing SEO work onto and you can focus on building your sites authority.


In order to build your sites authority you need links coming to your site from topically relevant websites. So to do this you need to;

-Produce content that people will link to such as infographics, guides, product reviews.

-Share your content onto Social platforms. According to Google, this is not currently a ranking factor but may become more important in the future but for now Social Media is a great way of reaching your customers and sharing your content.

-Find websites that link to other sites similar to yours and ask them to link to you.

We invest a lot of time exploring White-Hat techniques and ensuring our clients are safe from Google updates and manual penalties in the future. Whether you call us to help you improve your website or you already have your own SEO agency, make sure white hat techniques are being used and avoid agencies that have “page 1 guarantees” or lock you into contracts or SEO packages that you don’t need and ensure your SEO is an investment and not a disaster.

Search Engine Optimisation
July 21,2014

Author: SFteam

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