Lights, Camera, Rankings! Using Video in SEO
Piyush Khera Piyush Khera
Search Engine Optimisation
August 2,2013

Lights, Camera, Rankings! Using Video in SEO

As Google continues to refine their search algorithms, it is becoming more and more important to diversify your off-site SEO activity in order to achieve an optimal ranking position for your website.

Rather than attempting to force your way to the top of the SERP by building a huge number of links yourself, there is now a growing focus on creating high quality content that acquires backlinks naturally via viral sharing. A well-executed piece of content, such as a short video, can yield both a quality and quantity of links that the average SEO guru can only dream about acquiring through traditional content marketing methods.

Take for example – This innovative start-up, which offers quality razors on a subscription service model, produced a wildly successful video campaign in 2012 which saw them rise from a little know start-up to an internet sensation practically overnight. The humorous video was picked up by big names such as Mashable, Techcrunch & Forbes, in addition to hundreds of other extremely high quality sites, who all included a link to the Dollar Shave Club website. The video now has over 10 million views on Youtube and their website has attracted over 26,000 backlinks through people talking about it online (just like I am right now). This type of link acquisition could potentially take years to obtain through traditional outreach means.

If you’re considering your own online video marketing campaign to boost your rankings (and conversions), Here’s a few considerations to keep in mind;

Youtube Vs. Self Hosting

Creating a Youtube channel for your business and uploading your videos there is a simple way to get your content online and possibly displaying a nice little rich-snippet in the SERP. However, once a user clicks through to your Youtube page, the potential exists for them to be distracted by a cat riding a unicycle and never actually end up clicking through to your website.

However, if you host the video on your website, you can still potentially get a valuable rich snippet in the SERP and the user will be directed straight to your website where you can serve them with loads of relevant info and calls to action. There is also the added benefit that any sharing of the video that takes place will acquire backlinks to your site, not Youtube.

Include Relevant Keywords in your Video Title Tags

Whether you upload your video to Youtube or self-host, you’ll need to add a title tag that contains relevant keywords to your business and the content of the video. This will help you rank for both relevant Youtube and Google queries, so bust out the keyword research tools and get creative.

Use a Video Sitemap

If you choose to self-host your video content on your website, you’ll need to tell Google what information is contained within the video in order for it to appear in the blended search results. Just because the webpage the video appears on is indexed within Google, it doesn’t mean that the actual video content is being indexed. A video sitemap is similar to an XML sitemap but only contains information about the content of your video. You can submit your video sitemap using Google’s webmaster tools.

Make it Entertaining!

Perhaps the most important point to remember is to make your content ‘share-worthy’. Think about the last time you found something hilarious/ amazing on Youtube; I’m willing to bet that you immediately shared it with your family, friends or co-workers as sharing new content carries with it a little badge of honour that people crave amongst their social circles. So put your creative hat on and create something that people will want to show off to their friends and watch your rankings soar!

Search Engine Optimisation
August 2,2013
Piyush Khera

Author: Piyush Khera

With over 8 years of both agency and in-house experience in search and digital marketing, Piyush has demonstrated history of developing, delivering and overseeing successful digital marketing strategies. His portfolio includes work across a wide range of industries, including insurance, retail, automotive and travel. Piyush is professionally qualified with a Master of IT & Master of Business Administration (E-Business) and is certified professional from both Google and Adobe Suite of digital marketing & analytics products.

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