Mobile SEO Tips – #SFGettingSmarter
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Search Engine Optimisation
January 8,2015

Mobile SEO Tips – #SFGettingSmarter

This week at Search Factory’s Getting Smarter session, we are covering Mobile SEO Tips. Google and many other reputable sources have mentioned many times that Mobile search is not to be ignored and definitely just as important to consider as your website. 

What do you do when you wait for a friend at a restaurant, wait in line or even just walking in general? You’re usually on your phone. Every time you look up, at least 80% of people around you will be on their phone using Facebook and Twitter, researching a product or service they need or just reading an article to pass the time. It is basically an extra limb for most people. And because of the increase in use, search engines are ensuring the use of mobile search is just as easy (if not easier) and more efficient than using a desktop website.

This transition, it is a quick one. We have already seen numerous tests released by Google for mobile search results, working out the most effective way of ranking websites. The websites that have a responsive or friendly website are getting greater benefit so far. Therefore, creating an optimised mobile website early will strongly benefit your website and give you the upper hand.

The agenda of the slides and video covers the following:

  • The importance of Mobile SEO followed by some quick statistics and facts
  • Whether you should be creating a responsive or mobile site?
  • Mobile SEO tips
    • Separate URLs
    • Crawlability
    • Video Content
    • Loading Speed
  • TL;DR – The Overview
  • Helpful informative websites
  • Useful Mobile Tools to make sure there is minimal error

Make sure you watch the video above for more information or view the slides below. Search Factory often produces reports and provides recommendations for our clients on what needs to be done to achieve an improved Site Speed, as it directly affects the performance of our SEO & SEM results. Please contact us today to find out more.

Search Engine Optimisation
January 8,2015

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