The new Google Search Console is officially here
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February 8,2018

The new Google Search Console is officially here

Google recently announced that all sites can now upgrade to the new beta version of Google Search Console.

The long-awaited update was based on:

  • Feedback from users through help forums
  • The submit feedback link
  • And a group of beta testers known as the “Search Console Panel”.


What exactly does Google Search Console do?

It’s a free Google platform that allows users to monitor and maintain their site’s presence in the Google search results. This includes checking the indexing status of pages and optimising visibility.

Google Search ConsoleA quick Preview of the new look of the platform from the Webmasters blog.

“We A/B tested some of the new Search Console reports against the existing reports with 30,000 users. We tracked issue fix rates to verify new Search Console drives better results and sent out follow-up surveys to learn about their experience.”

– The Search Console UX Team


What’s been fixed?

A specific example of how user response informed the product was mentioned in the announcement: “The error and coverage reports were originally separated which could lead to multiple views of the same error. As a result of user feedback we united the error and coverage reporting offering one holistic view.” Additionally, some of the “most recent feedback confirmed that export functionality was not a nice-to-have, but rather a requirement for many users and helped us tune detailed help pages in the initial release.”


What’s next?

Google has mentioned that there’s more to come in the new Google Search Console. They are encouraging users to submit feedback around their experience with the new Search Console as well as any other features they would want to have in the next iteration. As new updates roll out, we’ll make sure our SEO Brisbane experts keep you informed.

The old Google Search Console interface is still available. Users can continue to user both versions.

You can access the new Google Search Console here.

You can view the full announcement on the Google Webmasters Blog here.

Search Engine Optimisation
February 8,2018

Author: SFteam

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