Quick SEO Win: Optimise Title Tags
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Search Engine Optimisation
August 23,2017

Quick SEO Win: Optimise Title Tags

Title tags are the most important onsite factor for both SEO and user experience. They tell both search engines and readers the topic of a page’s content.

Optimising your title tags is crucial for clearly and concisely summarising your page’s content. If your title tags aren’t clear, search engine algorithms won’t understand what your webpage is about, and users won’t know what to expect from your page.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Well, you’ll find a title tag:

  • In search engine results (the first and largest line of text)

Title Tags 2

  • At the top of your browser (look at the text in your tab)

Title Tags 3

  • On social media (the largest line of text in a post)

Title Tags 4

  • In the back-end of your site (usually as a simple ‘title’ field, but sometimes like this: <title>The Title</title>).

Title Tags 5

Wondering if your title tags are affecting your rankings or click-through rates? You might be onto something. From spamminess and keyword stuffing to not matching the user enquiry, there are a handful of reasons why your title tags may not be appearing on Google or getting the clicks you want.

Try these quick tips to optimise your title tags.


Keep it short and sweet

Title tags are supposed to be snappy, succinct, and enticing – kind of like a pickup line. There’s no definitive character limit, but Google will generally only show the first 50-60 characters of a title tag, so it’s best to stick to this number so you don’t get cut off.

Do: Designer Dog Clothes for Your Furry Friend

Don’t: Designer Dog Clothes for Your Furry Friend Because He’s a Prince and Deserves the World

Royal Dog
“Your title tags should be short and sweet… just like me.”

Keep your company name at the end

Unless your business name is part of the important keyword phrase, keep it at the end. Put those important keywords first.

Do: Designer Dog Clothes | The Royal Pooch Emporium

Don’t: The Royal Pooch Emporium Sells Designer Dog Clothes

Use your keywords, but not too much

Your title tag should include your focus keyword to tell search engines and users what your page is all about. Just be careful not to get too keyword-happy; you could get in trouble with the algorithms for keyword stuffing.

Do: Designer Dog Clothes for Sale

Don’t: Buy Designer Dog Clothes and Find Designer Dog Clothes for Sale Here

Another royal dog
“Keyword stuffing is so droll, darling.”


Have a different title tag for each page

Using different title tags across multiple pages tells the search engines your content is unique and valuable. This will also help increase the chances of your pages ranking for the search term that’s relevant to their content.


Make it exciting where possible

You want your title tag to be appealing enough to get those clicks, so try to stand out a little on the SERPs. Add a bit of excitement or incentive to your title tags while keeping them clear and useful.

Yet another royal dog
“I’m a busy queen with many important things to do. I don’t have time to read boring title tags.”


Keep your customer in mind

Your title tag is the first thing a new customer will see from you. In order to be genuinely helpful, your title tags should give an accurate depiction of what the user will find on your webpage. Keep user intent in mind when creating your title tags to attract clicks and increase conversions.

Keeping your customer in mind also means considering the ‘story’ that your title tag begins. There should be a natural flow from the title tag to the meta description, and then through to the h1 heading of your page or article. After all, your onsite content might start with the h1 of your page, but the user’s experiencewill typically begin with the title tag and meta description. So make sure these all align correctly without being too repetitive.


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Search Engine Optimisation
August 23,2017

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