Quick SEO Win: Uncover Unlinked Brand Mentions and Images
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Search Engine Optimisation
August 30,2017

Quick SEO Win: Uncover Unlinked Brand Mentions and Images

Without the right search tools, finding unlinked brand mentions is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

When someone mentions your business name or uses your image without linking to your website, this is potentially a wasted SEO opportunity.

To track down unlinked brand mentions, you just need to know where (and how) to look. Rather than trawling the interwebs for hours, these tips will help you search more efficiently.


Advanced Google Search

Advanced Google searches can expose all kinds of unlinked brand mentions. If you’ve never used the advanced search function before, these tips can help you make the most of it:

  • Familiarise yourself with search query operators. These words and symbols are designed to refine your search results. Make sure you’re using them correctly by checking out Google Support’s comprehensive list of all the different operators, with explanations on how they work.
  • Remove any mentions coming from your own website or other known sites (such as Facebook) that you don’t want or need to add links to. For example, if I was trying to find unlinked brand mentions for Search Factory, I could eliminate our own sites using search query operators. To refine my search, I would need to type the following into Google: “Search Factory” -site:searchfactory.wpengine.com -site:facebook.com
Here’s what you might search if you’ve watched every single YouTube video of puppies swimming and you want to broaden your horizons. You may also need help.
  • Make sure you cover possible variations of your brand name. It may take time, but searching through each variation is essential to uncovering unlinked brand mentions.
  • If you have a product unique to your brand, include them in your search.


Searching for Images

In the same way you can search for brand mentions, you can also use Google to find websites that feature your images. If you’re using Google Chrome, simply right click on the image you’re looking for and select “Search Google for image”. You can then review the list of websites displaying your image, and reach out to them requesting they link to your website either through the image or a text credit.


If you’re using a different browser, you’ll need to search for the image using its URL, or upload the image to Google. To do this, navigate to Google Images and click on the picture of the camera in the search bar.


You can then either add your image URL (found by right clicking on your image and copying the image address), or upload the image to Google.


Your search results may turn up images with similar designs to the one you’re looking for – you will need to filter through these to find ones relevant to your brand. Once you’ve tracked down your images, you can outreach to any quality websites and ask them to add a link to the image.


Finding unlinked brand mentions might seem like a bit of effort, but having quality websites referring people to your site can earn you a whole lot of love from Google (and by “a whole lot of love”, we actually mean better page rankings and increased site traffic).

So what are you waiting for? The sooner you start searching for unlinked brand mentions, the sooner you can start using them to your advantage. Or, if this doesn’t seem like a fruitful endeavour for you, try a different quick SEO win or reach out to us and we’ll do it for you!

Search Engine Optimisation
August 30,2017

Author: SFteam

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