Save Thousands (Of Impressions) And Boost CTR With Ubersuggest!
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Search Engine Optimisation
January 17,2013

Save Thousands (Of Impressions) And Boost CTR With Ubersuggest!

Ubersuggest is my new favourite PPC tool. Why? Because it comes close to solving one of the most annoying problems PPC managers face. I’m talking about that annoying “Other search terms” row at the bottom of every Search Query Report that can contain more than 50% of your total impressions at an extremely low clickthrough rate. It can be frustrating, if only you knew what those low CTR search queries were, you could add negative keywords, double your CTR, and get all the Quality Score benefits that come with it!


Google says search queries end up in the “Other search terms” row if they haven’t received a click in the last 30 days, or weren’t searched for by a significant number of people. In other words these “Other search terms” are phrases that aren’t relevant enough for anyone to click on, and don’t receive many impressions with your current targeting methods, exactly the sort of queries you should be considering adding negative keywords for.

Ubersuggest To The Rescue

Ubersuggest uses an unofficial Google API to pull through the top Google Suggest / autocomplete variations for a given search query, which are a reflection of the most popular search queries containing that search phrase. Using these search queries we can look for patterns and words that reflect low quality traffic, and add these as negative keywords to a PPC account to prevent these low quality impressions and improve a campaign’s overall clickthrough rate.

Since Google isn’t prepared to tell us which keywords aren’t generating clicks, assume your ad is being triggered for all of the phrases generated by Ubersuggest, and add negative keywords as if you were reviewing a search query report. You should start seeing improved clickthrough rates almost immediately.

Step 1: Select low performing keywords

Start by choosing a small set of broad or phrase match keywords that have a low clickthrough rate, a high number of impressions and relatively few clicks. Shorter 2 or 3 word length keywords generally work best when fishing for negative keywords with Ubersuggest. Start with 5 or 10 keywords and enter them into Ubersuggest one at a time.

Step 2: Look for signals of low quality search queries


Scroll through the list of Ubersuggest results, and look for variations that signal low search query quality. Low quality query signals might be words that indicate a user isn’t looking for your product or service, but something related instead. Common low quality indicators are words like “jobs”, “employment”, “wiki”, “e-book”, “school” or “review”, but this will vary depending on your PPC goals. Make note of any words or phrases that indicate users won’t be directly interested in converting.

Step 3: Add Negatives!

Finally, add all of the low quality indicators collected in step 2 as negative keywords to your PPC account. I find negative phrase match for a single word like “review” or multiple words like “how to” works best. Depending on your account is structured, add the negatives at an ad group or campaign level, or with my favourite method, using shared campaign negative keyword lists.

What other tools are you using to boost PPC campaign performance? Let us know in the comments!

Search Engine Optimisation
January 17,2013

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  1. I have more than quadrupled my click-through-rate using these techniques. I used to go through with Google and type each search query to see the auto suggests for “keyword”, “keyword a”, “keyword b”, etc. Very time consuming, but still very worthwhile.

    UberSuggest makes this process SO MUCH FASTER. My search PPC campaign now contains thousands of negative keywords. Now my product searches are no longer generating impressions for people looking to clean it, fix it, sell it, and so forth.

    I’ll add another tip to make this post worthwhile for others. Add negative terms for brands you don’t carry. Let’s say you sell blue jeans, but do not have the Calvin Klein brand. Add “Calvin Klein” to your negative keyword list. I know you are thinking that maybe, just maybe, someone looking for Calvin Klein jeans will buy your brand. But no. They really are looking for Calvin Klein jeans. Get rid of those impressions, and improve your click-through-rate.

    Or worse, someone looking for Calvin Klein jeans DOES click on your link, finds that you don’t have any, and *bounce*. You just paid for absolutely nothing.

    If you sell jeans, do a Google search for “blue jeans brands” or “blue jeans manufacturers”. You will find brands you forgot existed. And if you don’t sell those brands, get rid of them!

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