SEO Basics – Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
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Search Engine Optimisation
March 31,2015

SEO Basics – Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

No one has time to read a 1000 word article for an SEO answer you want in seconds. Get quick answers to some basic SEO questions that get searched all the time!

Page Titles

What are page titles?

Page titles or Title Tags are a meta tag which sits in the <head> section of your website. Like the title of an assignment, book or newspaper, it tells people what a page is about before visiting the page and to help determine whether a page is relevant enough to rank in search results for certain search terms.

Why are page titles important?

Page titles are one of the most important on-page SEO factors.  The keywords used in page titles are also highlighted in search results to increase the chances of a click.

How long is a page titles meant to be?

A page title can be 512 pixels long – this can safely be converted to 60 characters, but depending on the characters you use it could be more. For example:

This page title is 62 characters long (written using Lorem Ipsum):

  • “At Vero Eos Et Accusamus Et Iusto Odio Ducimus | Dignissimos”

One more character and it would have exceeded the pixel limit.

However writing it without capitals you could fit an extra 2 characters…

  • “At vero eos et accusamus et iusto odio ducimus qi | dignissimos”

Be concise and effective!

What should be in a good page title?

  • Keyword you want that page to rank for and brand name – In saying this, it doesn’t mean keyword stuffing. The page title should be relevant to the content on the specific page it’s written for.
  • Keyword is placed near the front of the page title.

o   [KEYWORD – Entice the Click] | [BRAND]

  • Written naturally (“red nail polish” being the keyword) e.g.

o   Good: “Our Red Nail Polish is Long Lasting & Strong! | Example Brand”

o   Bad: “Red Nail Polish | Nail Polish | Red Polish | Example Company”

  • TRY and make it enticing

Meta Description

What is a Meta Description?

It is a part of the tag family and appears beneath the Page Title in search results, providing a concise explanation of the webpage’s content. While the importance of the meta description has depreciated, it still has some influence in the overall scheme of things.

How Long Should Meta Descriptions be?

There are a couple of different answers to this. Some say between 150-160 characters, but for as long as I’ve been in SEO 156 characters has always been the safe length to go by. In saying that, I’ve seen many different lengths appear in search results:

Meta Description Length

These discrepancies just mean Google shows what it wants to show, in certain circumstances.

156 characters for the win!

For more information on Meta Descriptions check out How Long Should A Meta Description Be.

What should be in a good Meta Description?

  • Keywords naturally written

o   Good:

“We have the best shades of Red Nail Polish in store and online! Look through our huge range and pick the right colour for you! FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide! Concise and enticing call to action description”

o   Bad:

“Red nail polish” or “Default Description”

“Red nail polish sold here, buy red nail polish with us because our red nail polish is the best.”

This is just the first part of SEO Basics – tune in next month for my next post!



Search Engine Optimisation
March 31,2015

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