SEO Beginners Guide Part 5: Keyword Strategy
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Search Engine Optimisation
March 26,2013

SEO Beginners Guide Part 5: Keyword Strategy

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Once your keyword research has been finalised, you can now head into the strategy component and determine how these keywords are going to be utilised.

Keywords are the “stepping stone” between the user and your website. You need to ensure that the keyword/s that are entered into a search engine relate directly to your product/services or preferred landing page. As the keyword is going to direct traffic to your site, you MUST ensure that once the user lands on the respected page, they are going to be happy with what they have found, otherwise it will result in them leaving your page when you prefer them to make an enquiry or sale.

Link Building

One of the most respected and results proven strategies is link building. This is one of the fundamental tactics within SEO and is used by many businesses, agencies and individuals to achieve higher rankings in search engines for their selected keywords.

With the keywords that were selected from the research and the amount of search volume input by users, you should have a list of 5-10 preferred keywords that you wish to target and rank for. For example, if you are targeting SEO within Brisbane, here are some of the keywords with the highest local search volume:

  1. seo services – 3,600
  2. seo brisbane – 2,400
  3. seo packages – 1,000
  4. brisbane seo – 720
  5. seo agency – 590

You then need to go about your link building in in an effective way. There are numerous methods that can be undertaken. However if you want to avoid losing your rankings from those inevitable Google Penguin algorithm updates, you need to go about it strategically. This means not placing spammy links in bulk on the same page or outsourcing content and inserting the same links on an abundance of websites. This method has been determined “black hat” and is now frowned upon by most and picked up in Penguin updates.


Ultimately your link building strategy can determine how well your keywords rank in search engines and the amount of traffic that is driven to your website.

Anchor Text

The keywords ultimately become the anchor text, which is the clickable text (keyword) in the hyper link. Using these selected keywords, you should build your links in a search engine friendly way.  You should naturally optimise your links and use the variety of keywords to target different pages on your website, that are of course relative to that keyword. For example, ‘seo brisbane‘ should direct users to your location, about us, or even your home page, whereas ‘seo services‘ should ideally land on your home page.

There are numerous ways to go about your link building and building your anchor text profile, you just need to have a good understanding or employ an SEO agency that understands the basic principles. The correct methods will eventually get you ranking higher in Google SERP’s, which is the main goal of SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation
March 26,2013

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