SEO Beginners Guide Part 7: Link Building
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April 9,2013

SEO Beginners Guide Part 7: Link Building

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Hopefully by now, SEO should be a little more understandable from a beginners perspective after reading the first 6 parts of this guide. Part 7 continues on with link building, and how it relates to SEO and delivers search results.

What is Link Building?

One of the more fundamental components of SEO is link building, which is the method where a business or webmaster creates inbound links, directed at their website in aims to increase their ranking in the SERP’s. This can be done in numerous ways.

There are many link building methods that are considered unethical, which attracts the inevitable Google Penguin algorithm update. This relates directly to spammy link builders placing countless links through similar content or across hundreds of pages. This is what you should try and avoid as all the work you have conducted will ultimately become devalued, and your business or website will lose it’s rankings. Google may eventually penalise your entire website as a result of these unethical tactics, therefore you should go about productive link building to begin with.

Quality over Quantity?

The term ‘quality over quantity’ is relative to link building today as search engines review the authority of a website that is referring your business (or your site) through a link. The higher the authority of the page referring the link, the more Google will value it. For example, if you asked your parents for information on a particular topic, then asked a complete stranger in the street the same question, you (ideally) should take the referral from your parents with much more authority, right? That’s how it works with search engines, they’ll value a link with much more authority if it is coming from a respected website, opposed to multiple links coming from poor sources. Less amounts of quality links are better than excess quantities of poor links.


Link Building Strategies

To create quality links you should have a content writing team, where all your writers have suitable knowledge on selected topics. After the content has been written for a selected topic (that is highly relevant to your website), you should outreach to respected bloggers with high authority and request a guest post on their website. The anchor text should contain the keyword that you wish to rank for and that link will direct to your website homepage, or selected landing page. Yet again, be sure that the referring website is relevant to what you are offering or what is displayed on the selected landing page. Search engines take all of this into account when they crawl the web to produce SERP’s.


To sum it up, quality content creates quality links = higher rankings!

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Search Engine Optimisation
April 9,2013

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