SEO Beginners Guide Part 8: Effective Web Tools
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April 16,2013

SEO Beginners Guide Part 8: Effective Web Tools

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It is important to utilise respected and effective web tools when conducting all aspects of SEO. You need to obtain accurate details about your website and how it’s functionality is affecting your SEO and the SERP’s.

Continuing on from link building, Part 8 looks into some of the more common, yet highly effective SEO web tools.


SEOmoz is a great tool for a number of different reasons. First and foremost, you can create an entire campaign for an individual domain. SEOmoz then crawls every page of the website to identify any SEO related errors and provide warnings and general feedback on how to optimise the site in order to attract search engines.


From an agency perspective, SEOmoz is a great tool because you can create an account in order to effectively view potential clients websites and identify any errors and/or warnings that require action, which can then be implemented as part of your professional SEO services. Some of the important and most common errors that are identified include duplicate page warnings, unoptimised title tags, missing meta descriptions and 404 error pages, among others. You can then track any changes in rankings for specific keywords targeted and the outcomes of any of the changes implemented.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO provides different metrics more relative to root domains. Here you can find and analyse your full backlink history, how many links are pointing at your website and the URL’s from where they are coming from. The benefit of Majestic is that you can determine the citation and trust flow from all inbound links. You can then identify the anchor text distribution among landing pages and delve into each keyword to find the referring domains and external backlinks using that keyword. Majestic is one of the better tools used to review your entire link building history.


Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is great for competitor analysis. You can compare your (or a clients) website against up to 4 competitors to determine a number of metrics. You may be looking for specific metrics, however you can analyse the internal/external backlinks between websites, total amount of links, social shares, domain authority, anchor text and the designated landing pages.


Open Site Explorer is similar to Majestic, however provides a completely different overview of all the metrics.


Lastly, WooRank provides some information that is difficult to find or missing from other web tools. You can simply type in your website URL and WooRank will provide a dynamic grade on a 100 point scale of your site, signifying its internet marketing effectiveness.

From there you are provided a detailed analysis of all SEO basics including backlinks, content, keywords and authority. Other important metrics revealed includes your website visitor traffic and distinctive audience, social motioning, mobile optimisation and user experience from a visitors perspective.


The Importance of Web Tools

These web tools are a important component when establishing your entire SEO strategy. You can determine what elements are/are not effective and make any changes necessary to help improve your websites SEO. Implementing any necessary changes will ultimately allow search engines to identify your website as a higher authority  for targeted keywords, which will then rank you higher in the SERP’s.

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Search Engine Optimisation
April 16,2013

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