SEO Beginners Guide Part 9: Monitoring and Reporting
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May 17,2013

SEO Beginners Guide Part 9: Monitoring and Reporting

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With all the ongoing SEO being conducted to your own, or a clients website, you need to establish an understanding of what changes haven been occurring. This may include increases/decreases in rankings, increased traffic to the website, ultimately resulting in increases in enquiries/leads and conversions. You should be tracking the results to ensure the activity that you have been conducting is effective. From here you should be able to gauge what is working and what is not!

So What Activity Should You Monitor?

There are 2 important factors that you are looking for based on the SEO related activity you perform. The overall goal is to achieve more  sales or leads, generated from the increases in search engine rankings for targeted keywords and traffic driven to the website. There are 2 awesome tools to help monitor this.

Google Analytics

The good thing about Google Analytics is that it’s free. It’s a great tool to be able to monitor and evaluate detailed statistics for your website. There is a number of different aspects you can look at:

  1. conversions and sales
  2. the amount of visitor traffic
  3. what specific keywords are driving traffic to the website
  4. where visitors are coming from (search engines, social media, referring links)

If you’re looking for any of this data or related statistics, Google Analytics is definitely the best tool to assist you.

My Web Position

My Web Position is one of the better tools for monitoring keyword rankings, URL’s and competition. These are also tracked in the major search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, as well as Google. My Web Position provides a detailed report of the keyword positions and movement from the previous month.


This is just a snapshot of some of the movements for some basketball related terms. The SEO activity has been quite successful, as you can see some of the increases among all search engines are quite impressive.


From an agency perspective, or even for webmasters that want to track their SEO month by month, these are some of the tools that you can simply add into some reporting templates. 6 months down the track you should be able to see the trend and consistency in movements, if the SEO activity has been conducted correctly of course.


Search Engine Optimisation
May 17,2013

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