SEO Insourcing Vs Outsourcing
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September 15,2014

SEO Insourcing Vs Outsourcing

As any company with an online presence grows, there comes a time to make a decision of insourcing or outsourcing SEO services. Some companies with large budgets can assemble a team of Digital Marketing experts and in this case insourcing SEO can be an effective decision, however even this can be hit and miss depending on the quality of the staff that is available. So today I will be explaining some things should always be considered before you put all your eggs in your in-house basket.

SEO is 30% Learning 70% Experience


Anyone can jump on Google and search “how to do SEO” but it is the application of the knowledge learned that is the most important part. After a few years of experience working in SEO you tend to have worked with a large range of websites – small, medium and large – selling services or products. This experience provides a greater insight into what components of SEO are important and what works in different industries and different budgets.

Another thing to consider is that an expert on the internet can be anything; from someone who has worked in the industry since the internet was born to a pimply know-it-all teenager living in his parent’s basement that did SEO for his friend’s blog. Not all information on the internet can be trusted.


Access to a Team of SEO Experts


An agency will contain more than one SEO expert. With a great team of experts your account has access to even more years of experience. Troubleshooting SEO problems in a silo is not the most effective strategy. At Search Factory our SEO team holds weekly SEO team meetings to discuss client issues and gain feedback from the entire team. This is an effective platform for everyone in the team to share their knowledge and quickly find the most effective solutions for our clients.


Evolving SEO


Google releases small tweaks to its algorithm over time and it is important to stay ahead of the game. With these changes comes different search results. Major Algorithm updates such as Panda and Penguin have seen global websites crippled and the loss in revenue can be catastrophic.

Understanding which techniques are considered “grey hat” or “black hat” tactics is also important to ensure you are not conducting activity that may lead to a manual Google Penalty.  These are tactics that may remove your site from Google altogether.


Time to Do it All Yourself


Building your business is a time intensive task in itself. If you think you can do it all yourself you should also consider the time it takes to build and conduct a solid SEO campaign. While hiring an SEO expert in-house can be seen as a cost saving measure you may not be seeing the bigger picture. There is also the cost of tools for website analysis, data analysis, monitoring keyword rankings and backlinks. There is also the other staff behind the scenes that are not as visible such as content marketers, graphics designers and writers that all work to build site content and genuine backlinks.

If you do decide to outsource your SEO, or continue outsourcing your SEO, you should always have transparency into the activity being conducted on your behalf. Your agency should provide you with backlink and activity reports for any offsite or onsite work being conducted and also be able to explain why their strategy is the best way to go. If their response is “this is our intellectual property and we can’t tell you” then it is time to find a better agency!

Search Engine Optimisation
September 15,2014

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