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June 5,2018

SEO Memes Top Ten Countdown

I was searching for ‘seo memes’ this morning to see if there were any cool meme ideas I could use in my blog post when I thought, “Hey, this is a blog post in itself!”

I grabbed the top 10 images that appeared in Google image search and here is my SEO meme top 10 countdown!

Number 10


I got banned because I’m black – hat, in my SEO tactics

Google is not racist but it is very particular about fashion. Black hat is any activity that is performed by an SEO to directly trick or game the Google algorithm. Black hat tactics may result in very quick gains but do not create long-lasting results. Stay away from black hats, unless you work in the sun – in that case, wear a hat, shirt and sunscreen and drink plenty of water.


Number 9


Oh, you’re a top SEO Agency on – please tell me how many thousands of dollars you pay to be listed on there.

So, yeah, this one makes me laugh and cringe. was created by an SEO agency and other agencies pay more than three large buckets of money to also be listed on there. I won’t go into more detail than this, so please just ignore this revenue generating website and visit instead, where I have listed myself in the top position. (I haven’t really, this is a joke, like


Number 8


Different types of SEO client’s

I’m not sure of the punctuation or spelling in this one but potato. Clients come in different shapes and sizes and I am sure all SEO agencies have experienced these types of clients. The good thing about the first 3 clients is they can all be turned into the 4th client with a bit of patience, communication, and education. And just look at all that revenue from organic traffic he has in his happy hands!


Number 7


You optimized your site for Yahoo? You must need so much bandwidth

This little jab at Yahoo is a reference to the massive search market share Google has maintained for many years. Although 2015 has seen a shift in this market share towards Yahoo, now at 10.4%, Google still holds the major share of search engine usage at 75.2% but Yahoo and Bing are getting bigger.



Number 6


No SEO? Please tell me how this works out for you

It is true that you can build a small website and sell some products easily, but what happens when someone else builds a website targeting the same products? Then another person builds a website targeting the same products again? And so on until there are 10, 000 similar websites all targeting the same products? Those 9,999 other sites are your competition and they all want to be in position #1. So what do they do? They do SEO.

SEO is like a race, if you start late you have to push harder to catch up to the competition. If you are already doing SEO and have gained position #1 rankings for all your keywords, stopping means your competition will catch up, and you get left behind.



Number 5


One does not simply get to the top of Google

SEO is a long-term strategy. Like building a house, you need a plan, you create a solid foundation and then you build onto it. Gradually over time you have a beautiful strong house and all your neighbours are jealous. I once tried to build a house by throwing random sticks at a wall but found it very uncomfortable to live in.


Number 4


$100 for SEO – Your links are in Mandarin Chinese

Cheap SEO = cheap links. You wouldn’t cheap out and put Acme vegetable oil into your car to save a bit of cash, so why would you go for cheap SEO just to get more links? There is a strong similarity between old Black Hat SEO techniques from a few years ago, current ‘negative SEO’ techniques and cheap SEO. These will all eventually lead to a Google penalty.

Don’t make the mistake of running your car or online marketing on vegetable oil!



Number 3


I don’t always use Facebook at work but when I do it’s because I am doing SEO

Social has been a hot topic in SEO for the past few years and we have been gearing up for a big shift to Social signals as a major ranking factor ever since Google released Google+. Google still denies that Social is a ranking factor; however, many Search agencies have conducted their own studies and these show a strong correlation between social signals and ranking improvements.

Check out Search Metrics 2014 Ranking Factors study here:

I don’t always use Facebook at work but when I do, I’m watching cat videos.


Number 2


I don’t know who you are, where you are – but when I find you, I will ask you to remove those links

This is me removing the Google penalty that you got after buying $100 Chinese links. Getting  a manual penalty can be devastating to a business. Removing a manual penalty is a slow process of outreach, link removals, and sacrificing to the Google gods. It can take months to remove a manual penalty and cost you thousands of dollars, so this is another reason to avoid cheap SEO.


Number 1


10 links are better than 1? False. I will outrank you.

2013 called: It wants its SEO strategy back. SEO is not a numbers game anymore and 1 high quality links IS better than 10 spam links. This is another reason to avoid cheap SEO.

See what happens when you buy cheap SEO here:

(Many Bothans died to bring us this video)

As an aside, why do SEOs love Willy Wonka so much? (Please drop your answer into the comments below!)



Search Engine Optimisation
June 5,2018

Author: SFteam

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