SEO Packages in Australia – What You Need to Know in 2018
SEO Packages in Australia – What You Need to Know in 2018
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July 11,2018

SEO Packages in Australia – What You Need to Know in 2018

It’s no surprise that SEO strategies have changed with the evolution of search engines. But what do ideal SEO packages look like for your business in Australia in 2018?

Let’s start by exploring the standard SEO packages of yesterday.


Yesterday’s SEO Packages

When Google, Yahoo and Bing took their first steps as toddlers, the internet opened up into a new era. Then, as they started to speak their first words and direct customers to products, ranking on search engines became a big business – an SEO business.

The initial strategies behind SEO began with a heavy focus on quantity – that meant yelling a bunch of keywords at search engines.

Adding too many keywords

And it tended to work. That gave way to SEO packages that we’ve seen for years. These packages focused mostly on:

  • Creating a strong, uniform strategy
  • Increasing the quantity of keywords
  • Ranking for as many terms as possible.

Sounds pretty good, yeah? It was. Older packages focused on the quantity of keywords, getting high ranks for terms that may not be that relevant.

But this is a short-sighted approach to take in 2018. After all, we all know how clever search engines have gotten, shifting their focus to content that’s effectively targeted and of high quality.

Yesterday’s SEO packages tended to neglect user experience, as the technical aspect of SEO was preferred.


What Today’s SEO Packages Look Like

Search engine algorithms are now smarter and pickier. And if you add that to a saturated digital market where everyone’s trying to rank high, SEO is a challenging game – a game where good plays rely on an adaptable strategy and quality content. 

Today’s SEO packages are driven by ROI, conversions and meaningful metrics. But you can’t actually fit that into a “package”.

A good SEO package in 2018 isn’t a package at all. It’s a personalised strategy developed to tackle the unique goals your business wants to achieve online and overall. This is the philosophy behind the work completed by our SEO Brisbane team.

Stages of Growing Trees

This is a bespoke approach that’s flexible to your changing priorities each month, whether you want the service to focus on technical aspects, user experience or content creation. This makes it vigilant within your market and able to adapt to the changing needs of your business and its customers.

An effective SEO “package” in 2018 will provide:

  • Quality keywords woven into content
  • Ranking of relevant terms where there’s real intent
  • A simple and enjoyable user experience.


5 Questions to Ask When Comparing SEO Packages

Man Thinking About SEO Questions

1. How is the task of finding the best keywords priced?

Finding a valuable keyword takes a lot of time, while a simple one doesn’t. That’s why it’s important to understand how these costs will be calculated and if there’s flexible pricing involved. This avoids standardising the task and paying more for easy outcomes.

2. Who will be writing titles and meta descriptions?

Although this content may be optimised with keywords that search engines will love, they’re much more effective with an enticing flair. If there’s a content writer involved, your content will have the SEO strategy mixed with engaging and creative writing.

3. How much is the package focused on short-term results?

Short-term results are fantastic, as long as they build on a longer-term strategy as well. Some SEO packages have nice-looking numbers to show, but the investment may be short-sighted.

These short-term successes may even negatively impact future growth (e.g. If users aren’t on your site for long – because of keyword stuffing or bad UX – Google will find out and never forget).


4. How will your ROI be measured?

Whether you want to increase brand awareness or sell more of your products or services, you’ll want to pay for a successful SEO strategy. That makes it important to consider how your SEO provider will measure the work they do.

5. Will they cater to your business?

Your brand and business are unique. Any SEO agency you choose needs to take time to understand: who you are, who you want to connect to, and what you want to achieve. That will become the foundation of any strategy.

If you’re after an SEO service that’s catered personally to your business and designed for 2018, get in touch with Search Factory today. Our SEO experts and writers will get you ranking the right way.

Search Engine Optimisation
July 11,2018

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