Should you buy cheap SEO?
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April 22,2015

Should you buy cheap SEO?

Should you buy cheap Search Engine Optimisation? The old adage of “You get what you pay for” springs to mind, or my personal favourite: “Differentiate with value or die with price”.

Being one of the premier SEO and Adwords agencies in the game, we hear these sorts of questions all the time.

“I have been paying my SEO company $500 a month for over a year now and I think I have actually slipped backwards in the rankings, please help!”

“Can you guarantee first place in Google?”

“I have been using an offshore link building company to build backlinks and now my website seems to be invisible on the web, please help.” (This is a common one for clients who have been hit by the Penguin algorithm.)


Cheap SEO – Not what it seems

The response to these questions is always the same – cheap SEO may seem like a bargain, but in reality it often doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Your website is a valuable resource, so trusting it to potentially dodgy dealers who could leave you worse off than when you started doesn’t make sense. While every business’s budget is different, $500 a month often just isn’t enough to ensure a thorough job which will work in hand with your digital marketing strategy. Investing in a reputable and results-driven agency is a smart move that is much more likely to pay off in the long run.

What are you paying for?

An agency that knows what they are doing generally won’t offer templated pricing for a simple reason – no two companies’ websites are the same. There is a process that needs to be followed for each new client – they will need to analyse where your website ranks currently, have a look at your competitors, check out the infrastructure of the site and run analysis on your backlinks to see if they are healthy for the website – and that’s just the start. These are just some of the factors we need to build a picture of the online status of a website.

That’s when a good company will examine your current strategy and goals, and build a proposal for a plan tailored to your business.

Questions to ask when choosing an SEO agency:

Do they have fixed term contracts? Remember that if you sign a contract, you are locked in for the duration. This can make things difficult if you are not getting what you paid for.

How does their pricing model work? Are they a premier service employing the top experts, or do they buy the bulk of the work from lower-priced countries?

Where do they rank against their competitors? If they are good at SEO, then that’s one of the ways to measure them against their competitors in the SEO space.

Are they Google Analytics certified, and is everyone who touches a Paid account Adwords certified?


Read their “About” page to learn more about them.

Check them out on Social Media and forums – disaffected clients can be very vocal.

Call them and discuss the options for your website, and ask lots of questions.

Once you have done the research, make a decision and get started on your SEO Campaign.

Finally, remember that SEO, done correctly, ensures that your website’s best content is correctly indexed and visible to people searching for your services or products. Simple really!


If you want to discuss your SEO strategy with an expert, call the team at Search Factory today!




Search Engine Optimisation
April 22,2015

Author: SFteam

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