Should You Dig Deeper? Looking Past Page 1 for Answers
Piyush Khera Piyush Khera
Search Engine Optimisation
August 17,2016

Should You Dig Deeper? Looking Past Page 1 for Answers

There’s an old saying that the best place to hide a body is on page 2 of Google. Obviously this isn’t serious (people can’t go through screens, silly), but think about it: when did you last click the ‘Next’ button at the bottom of the page? I’ll admit, I’m far more likely to rethink my search query or use the ‘searches related to …’ tool before clicking through to page 2.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It’s the reason anyone with a connection can become a publisher these days. Unfortunately, much of the content found online isn’t quality, it isn’t helpful, and it doesn’t address what you really need. Google made it their mission to create an algorithm that filters out that stuff, leaving you with the most relevant results front and centre.

Sometimes, though, this system isn’t perfect. Sometimes poorer content can be disguised as quality content. Or sometimes you aren’t sure exactly what to search for in order to find the specific information you want. Or sometimes there may even be so many great results that amazing and helpful pieces of content still get buried way back on page 3.

So when should you make an effort to find the bodies on page 2? We’ve compiled a few fun queries as examples for when you may want to dig deeper for your answers.

How to Lose Weight

Throw this one into Google and you get exactly what you would expect: list articles with ‘lose weight fast’ themes. However, if you go a bit further into the results you can discover gems from people who’ve done it themselves, articles from medical experts, and a range of different theories to explore.

How to Save Money

There are some great articles on the first page for this one, but if you dive into the next few pages, you can find some decent articles that are more specific, for example, how to save money on your grocery bill. Of course, it’s easy enough to search for these from the start – assuming, of course, you’ve already identified that as an area where you could cut costs. Going a few pages further back can give you inspiration for entirely new ways to approach the problem!

Easy home renovations

This is one category of search where there are literally pages of good ideas. Why would you limit yourself to page 1? People love renovating, and they love sharing their knowledge and experiences. There is literally a wealth of great info out there for you to uncover, if you just go the extra clicks!

Finding local businesses

Sometimes you want to find the best local business for a specific product or service. The catch is, if the business is in a competitive industry, they will often lose out to big companies on the first page. If you really want to shop local for a common item, skim past the department stores and chain brands and head straight for the second and third pages.

So whether you’re researching for an assignment or in search of a locally-sourced gift for your second cousin, sometimes you really can strike gold where you’d least expect it. Have you ever found something surprisingly good on page 2 of Google? Have you ever even found page 2 of Google? We encourage you to share your darkest (or brightest) Google moments with us.

Search Engine Optimisation
August 17,2016
Piyush Khera

Author: Piyush Khera

With over 8 years of both agency and in-house experience in search and digital marketing, Piyush has demonstrated history of developing, delivering and overseeing successful digital marketing strategies. His portfolio includes work across a wide range of industries, including insurance, retail, automotive and travel. Piyush is professionally qualified with a Master of IT & Master of Business Administration (E-Business) and is certified professional from both Google and Adobe Suite of digital marketing & analytics products.

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