The Lowdown on Local Listings
Piyush Khera Piyush Khera
Search Engine Optimisation
February 24,2016

The Lowdown on Local Listings

SEO is all about being visible online. If you’re responsible for an organisation’s organic search presence and you haven’t already been working your local listings, now is the time!

Getting the most out of your local SEO efforts can be a time-consuming process, but it’s also a rewarding one. When it comes to activities like creating and maintaining your local listings, it’s important to pay attention to the details.

Before getting too deep into the specifics of how to optimise your local presence, let’s take about 6 steps back and start at the beginning.

What are local listings?

A local listing is an online profile of your business that exists on a website or directory. It usually contains information like your business name, phone number and physical address, as well as anything else that is relevant. Often, a link to your business website will be included.

Why are they important?

Each listing increases your chances of being found online. Not only that; if you are listed on relevant and reputable local business directories that include a follow link, it will improve the quality of your backlink profile (btw, if you need a refresher on jargon terms like these, we’ve got you covered). This adds another layer of credibility to your business website, which should, in turn, help your organic rankings.

How do you make them happen?

The first step is finding the right places to list your business. The best websites or directories will be relevant to your industry and your location, as well as having a high-quality domain (which can be an indication that the site is actually used for its purpose and isn’t simply a database of purchased links that sit there and do nothing useful).

You will generally have to sign up, submit your business information and provide contact details. Remember your login – one of the most important factors for local listings is maintaining accurate, up-to-date business details. Letting directories with old information stick around can actually be detrimental to your organic rankings as search engines pick up the conflicting details and recognise that something ain’t right.

Local listings are great for your business, both for providing genuinely useful business information to potential customers and for your SEO. Just remember: keep it accurate – if you move offices IRL, you have to move offices in all your directories.

Want to know more about local listings or SEO in general? Get in touch with the Search Factory team today!

Search Engine Optimisation
February 24,2016
Piyush Khera

Author: Piyush Khera

With over 8 years of both agency and in-house experience in search and digital marketing, Piyush has demonstrated history of developing, delivering and overseeing successful digital marketing strategies. His portfolio includes work across a wide range of industries, including insurance, retail, automotive and travel. Piyush is professionally qualified with a Master of IT & Master of Business Administration (E-Business) and is certified professional from both Google and Adobe Suite of digital marketing & analytics products.

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