The Ultimate Post: 50 Awesome SEO Memes
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Search Engine Optimisation
September 9,2013

The Ultimate Post: 50 Awesome SEO Memes

Sometimes you need to take a step back from the technical world and just enjoy things for what they are. For SEO, memes seem to be the way to do that! It occurred to our SEO Brisbane team recently that finding these funny could in fact make me a nerd, but I’ll disagree with that statement for now and keep thinking that some part of search marketing is cool. So if you’re an SEO or a digital marketer with SEO knowledge, feast your eyes on these 50 awesome SEO memes. Some are more awesome than others, but I’m sure you’ll find at least one of them puts a smile on your dial.

3rd page dominance


301 redirect loop meme

analytics every day meme

bad luck link seo meme

black hat vader seo meme

buy an entire website

buy links

chase seo tail


crawl your xml

dark hat seo

deep linked to my heart

does not exist meme

doesnt do seo meme

dozens of likes social media meme

false ranking meme

get the linkz

give you 50 bucks


havent found what im looking for

hide a link network from google

kid-winningat seo

liked it before it was ranking

linkbuilding blacksmith meme


meaning to my life ryan gosling meme

no index april fools seo meme

no matt cutts meme

no one bats an eye

nofollow pr links meme

not provided analytics meme

not sure if dead or creating social

only he can update it

outrank a wiki meme

over optimised for gorgeous

pagerank updates meme

paid links cleanup meme

ranked 1 in google account


ranking incognito

remove those links


seo company you are fired meme

seo expert


stand out like a rich snippet

trending twitter meme

update or penalty

use google plus meme

Search Engine Optimisation
September 9,2013

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