Trust Flow in SEO
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June 14,2013

Trust Flow in SEO

We all know that there are many factors contributing to the success of your SEO campaign. In today’s post penguin search space, quality heavily outweighs quantity. When SEO’s look into the back link profile of your website to evaluate your history, the quality of links is something that is looked for, and can often be minimal or non-existent. Dependent of your current back link profile will determine what type of SEO strategy will be created to benefit your individual website.

What is Trust Flow?

Trust flow is consistently passing through individual sites throughout the entire web. Each individual link that passes from one website to another, passes through authority to the referring domain. Trust flow can run through several pages, continuing to pass authority (link juice), however will eventually cease as the pages increase.

Why Trust Flow is Important!

It’s not as simple as building as many links as possible to your website anymore. The days where the quantity of links is over. Now one really high quality link is worth more to your website than hundreds, or even thousands of lower quality links.

Web tools and search engines identify higher quality links from site to site on the web, and assume that trust worthy sites generally link to other trust worthy sites. This is one of the justifiable ways to build your domain authority faster and achiever higher rankings in search results.

An Example of Trust Flow

Below is an example of a good trust flow profile against a poor trust flow profile, taken from Majestic SEO:


The density in colour in the charts identifies the strength of the links. Keep in mind here that trust flow is quality, and citation flow is predominately the quantity of inbound links referring a website.

The first profile displays a good quality trust flow, where the trust outweighs the citation flow. This means that they have built many more higher quality links to have their trust increased over time.

The second profile, although has had much less inbound links referring their website, maintains a much lower trust flow score. This would be caused from poor link building, the use of link farms and other spammy or ‘black hat’ tactics.

Results of Trust Flow in SEO

To narrow down the conclusion in a much more understandable sense. If your trust flow score is very low and the citation flow score is very high, this can ultimately attract a penalty and/or the Google Penguin update. The reason the scores in the back link profile are so reversed would be due to the fact that spammy tactics have been used in the past.

To sum up, if you have higher trust in your back link profile, your domain authority and/or page rank will grow, increasing rankings for targeted keywords, resulting in more traffic to your website.

Search Engine Optimisation
June 14,2013

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