Using Screaming Frog as a Troubleshooting Shortcut
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July 12,2017

Using Screaming Frog as a Troubleshooting Shortcut

Troubleshooting issues with tag manager or Google Analytics can be time-consuming. If you feel like you might have tracking issues your first step should be to confirm that all the relevant tracking codes are present across the pages you want to track.

Follow our quick and easy way of doing this using Screaming Frog.


How to Troubleshoot Tracking Issues with Screaming Frog

Step 1

Install Screaming Frog on your computer. Visit and follow the download instructions.

Quick note: Screaming Frog requires Java 7 to run, so you will need to ensure this is fully installed on your computer. Here are some links to install instructions for Windows and Mac devices.


Step 2

Once the download has finished, open up Screaming Frog and enter your site name in the main field.



Step 3

You will now need to find the relevant tracking codes. The best way to do this is to go into your tag manager to find the ‘container ID’.



Step 4

Next, click on the ‘configuration menu’ and choose ‘Custom’ > ‘Search’.



Step 5

This will open the custom search menu. From here you are able to create a filter to search for pages that contain your GTM ID and another filter for pages that do not contain your GTM ID. Once you have inserted all relevant information, click ‘OK’.



Step 6

Click ‘start’ and run the Screaming Frog crawl. Once the crawl is complete, you will need to navigate to the ‘custom’ section of Screaming Frog.



Step 7

Look in the ‘filter’ component and view URLs that ‘contain’ and ‘do not contain’ the GTM ID. This will help you identify if the code is present on every page, and it will also note the amount of times the code is present on the page.



Useful Tips for New Accounts

When taking over a new account that has previously used GTM, you might be unsure if there are multiple cases of tag manager accounts being linked to the site. Screaming Frog allows you to use the custom extraction tool to deploy RegEx and pull out all tag manager IDs from every page. This way, you’ll be able to identify if a site is using multiple tag manager accounts.

Go back to ‘step 4’, then simply click on ‘extraction’ instead of ‘search’.



Wrapping Up

This is one of many efficiencies Screaming Frog provides, and it takes only minutes to complete. We highly recommend conducting this simple check when employing tag manager for the first time as your container ID has all of the relevant information on the tags and triggers you have set up in GTM. Without the container ID present, it is impossible for your tags to fire correctly.

Search Engine Optimisation
July 12,2017

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