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What Is Search Engine Marketing?

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is any form of paid advertising hosted by an online platform, including search engines (Google and Bing), social media channels (Facebook) and any website registered on an advertising network. And there are millions.

You might think that being at the top is everything in Search Engine Marketing, but the top spot isn’t always the most profitable. SEM is far from being that simplistic. SEM professionals balance algorithm adjustments, long testing processes and optimisation experiments. The techniques required for resilient ROI are researched, hard won, and worthy of lasting paid exposure. If you want long-term success, DIY SEM won’t get you there.

Considerations for Optimal Performance Include:

Understanding keyword psychology in order to target relevant audiences.
Buyer activity, including keywords and repeated searches.
Complex Excel formulas to calculate average positions, ideal budgets and ROI bidding.
Engagement metrics (Visit Durations) to filter less motivated traffic.
Budget forecasting based on seasonality, search volumes and relevance.
The time of day, week, month and year people buy the most and the devices they use to do so.
Highly methodical approaches to competitor analysis.
Advanced remarketing techniques, settings and sequences.
Conversion rate optimisation to increase enquiries and online transactions.


Our SEM Management Solution

True SEM experts possess rare skills; they are capable of detailed statistical analysis and creating lateral solutions to complex problems. Swapping between creative thinking and logical processes as necessary, they consult, educate, and solve problems with outstanding efficiency.

Search Factory SEM consultants can translate accurate insights into consumer behaviour, interests, desires, learning patterns and communication challenges. Imagine designing your next TV commercial or PR headline for a product launch based on SEM data – the potential of SEM doesn’t stop at number crunching.


Can the Real SEM Experts Please Stand Up?

There are SEM managers and then there are SEM managers. While most happily engage with clients and meet their expectations, our team of SEM experts push boundaries and continually find ways to outperform. Search Factory have searched high and wide to find SEM talent with proven skills. Only the best are selected from 100s of applications, tested and challenged until we are certain they can thrive in a high-pressure, results-driven environment.

The Inch of Difference for Massive Profits

Software is great, but let’s face it, nothing beats a skilled human. Computers can’t dissect the most complicated performance issue and reveal a solution that transforms even the most technically correct account builds. Traditional SEM methods don’t always achieve the expected results and it takes a great SEM manager to find results using deep analysis, no matter how unorthodox the approach.

Below is a sample of the analysis techniques that make a great SEM manager and the difference between good and great results.

Excel Heat Map that accurately forecasts peak traffic periods.


Complex spreadsheet formulas that forecast the exact bid amounts required for maximum ROI or Traffic Volume.



When Nothing Matters but Results

If your priority is results, we are the experts you can trust. We leave the competition behind in SEM performance, with strong focuses on ecommerce ROI, brand engagement, audience targeting and traffic volume. Our team have honed their skills from years of experience so that you can feel 100% confident you’re dealing with an SEM team you can trust.

Request an SEM performance audit today and receive a customised SEM strategy to boost your business profits.