5 Sneaky Features of Facebook Pages
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March 17,2015

5 Sneaky Features of Facebook Pages

Facebook is constantly updating, testing and changing. Its dynamic nature means helpful little features can get lost or forgotten as marketers and page owners try to keep up with the demands of their own content calendar and the ever-changing social sphere. How many of these five features are you currently using?

1. Active Posts – Post Reach

Looking at the reach on posts is nothing new. Everyone wants to know how many eyeballs are on their content. But as we all know, the Facebook algorithm dictates that not all pieces of content are served up equally to users. We also know that engagement on posts (specifically commenting, sharing etc.) correlates to larger post reach and the time frame in which this occurs can cause content to be ‘story bumped’ at a later stage.

One particular feature in the Reach section of Facebook Insights gives a good picture of the ‘story life’ of your pieces of content. By selecting a section of the Post Reach graph you get a pop-up list of the active posts during this time. Utilising this means you get an idea of which types of content are responsible for surges (or declines) in reach. You also get a good idea of the length of time your most (or least) popular content stays alive in people’s newsfeed.

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2. CTA Button

Facebook announced the introduction of a call-to-action button in December last year (see here). As with most things for us in the land down under, it took a little while longer for this feature to become available.

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It can be added to the page by simply visiting the Facebook page and clicking the button next to the like/liked button and following the prompts.

3. Video Insights

There has been plenty of chatter about the increase in native Facebook videos and subsequent decrease in externally hosted videos posted on Facebook. Socialbakers post earlier this year showed how native Facebook videos get more reach than other post types. It’s no surprise that Facebook would prioritise the native videos and incentivise this type of native video sharing. For Facebook page owners, the video insights are an attractive incentive. Along with the regular post details, you can also see view duration, audience retention and views over 3 seconds/views over 30 seconds. Metrics can also be viewed by Unique vs. Repeat, Auto-Played vs. Clicked-to-Play and Paid vs. Organic views. These easily interpreted insights give a good indication of which content elements are capturing or losing the audience’s attention.

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4. Similar Page Suggestions

This little tick box can have a big impact on your number of page likes. It’s tucked away in page settings and is worth checking to open your page up to organic likes. In addition to free likes, these new fans are generally more qualified in terms of fitting in your target audience as they like similar pages to yours.

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5. Page Moderation

Also found in page settings, the page moderation feature assists in cutting down on inappropriate and unwanted content. Any content containing your designated keywords will be marked as spam to be reviewed and can be unmarked as spam at your discretion. This one is helpful when dealing with controversial topics or particular comment spam problems.

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Have a sneaky feature, tip or trick to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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Social Media Marketing
March 17,2015
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