Evaluating Your Facebook Marketing Agency
Evaluating Your Facebook Marketing Agency
Jonathon Bullock Jonathon Bullock
Social Media Marketing
July 11,2018

Evaluating Your Facebook Marketing Agency

Once you’ve worked with your Facebook marketing agency (FMA) for a while, it’s easy to lose perspective of whether they’re at the top of their game or they’ve relaxed a little. And it’s imperative for any business to ensure their marketing spend on an FMA is delivering the best possible results for the business.

Not sure if your agency is delivering quality Brisbane social media marketing? We’ve put together some simple questions and criteria you can use to evaluate your Facebook marketing agency.


What kind of ROI is your Facebook marketing agency delivering?

Delivering ‘strong results’ doesn’t always guarantee your Facebook marketing agency is performing as well as it could. After all, Facebook has 45 metrics to track the performance of a campaign, ranging through CPM, CPC, CTR, and plenty more.

With so many measures of success, it’s important to recognise what metrics best reflect your overall business goals.

Thankfully, there are 3 key ways you can decipher if your FMA is maximising the results they could be delivering for you.

Do they report to you clearly?

Providing clear, understandable data is as important as getting the results. If your agency isn’t showing you the data, and a direct link between that data and your business goals, there’s no definitive way to know that there’s a link between your FMA’s work and your broader business objectives.

How do they track their progress?

Which data sources is your agency using to report their progress? And is any of the data overlapping? When they report on how your website conversions are progressing, are they exclusively split between campaigns, or overlapped (making each campaign seem more effective than it really was).


By measuring the success of a campaign by time, and another by posts, data can be shown in both results.


It’s important to have complete trust in the systems and reporting measures your Facebook marketing agency uses. And if you don’t, it’s definitely worth asking how data is collected, and ensuring the data you receive is completely legitimate.

Is your investment paying off, or could it be better spent elsewhere?

Largely, this will depend on your broader business goals, and the maturity of your business. How familiar is your target audience with your brand? Have you given them a strong reason to convert? Is social media a likely means of converting interested users? If your audience don’t follow through to conversion via Facebook, you’ll definitely want to structure your campaigns to achieve the greatest awareness possible. And if your brand isn’t benefiting from increased awareness or conversions via your investment in Facebook marketing, you might be best to look into other marketing solutions.

Does your Facebook marketing agency understand your business goals?

Your business is bound to have targets for growth, conversions, sales, brand, and plenty more. Each of these elements is an absolute necessity in steering your Facebook campaigns.

There’s the matter of targeting the right people, to balance both your company’s short-term targets and long-term sustainability. Ideally, your Facebook marketing agency will continually discuss target consumers and stay on track as your business matures.

In fact, it’s important your FMA stay on top of all developments in your business. How often do they check in and ask:

  • What are your major business goals for the next 12 months?
  • Are there any consumer trends forming in other platforms that will influence how consumers engage with your brand on Facebook?
  • What other marketing campaigns is your business running, and can they be coordinated into your Facebook marketing strategy?
  • What is your most immediate measure of a successful Facebook campaign?

The more your FMA shows a genuine interest in your broader business, the more informed they can keep their strategies.


How good is your Facebook marketing agency’s service?

Any product or service is only as good as the care they give your business. After all, the greatest Facebook strategy is worth nothing if not communicated to you clearly, delivered on time, and well organised.

Similarly, there are a few questions you can ask yourself in determining just how strong your Facebook marketing agency’s service is:

  • How often do you hear from them? – Are you constantly chasing answers, or are they coming to you before you even ask the question?
  • How tidy (and timely) are their reports? – Is the data presented on a Word doc made 2 weeks after it was expected? Or is data presented as up-to-the-minute as it could be, with care and precision?
  • Do they go above and beyond to provide value to your business? – Facebook marketing agencies should be seeing how they can add to the overall value of your business – rather than meaninglessly upselling you on their own services.
  • How well do they integrate with the other elements of your marketing mix? – Do they liaise well with other agencies you’ve employed, or do they treat colleagues like competition? Your ideal agency will work well with the staff and agencies you’ve employed to help your business.

At Search Factory, we make your business performance and longevity our priority. For a friendly chat about what Facebook marketing solutions we can provide, give us a call or get in touch online.

Social Media Marketing
July 11,2018
Jonathon Bullock

Author: Jonathon Bullock

Jonathon works as Senior Content Executive with Search Factory | iProspect by day, then as a Tutor in QUT's Business School by night. He has worked across a wide range of clients and industries, including both B2B and B2C businesses and strategies.

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