Facebook for Business: Snack-sized Social Media Takeaways! #SFGettingSmarter
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Social Media Marketing
November 13,2014

Facebook for Business: Snack-sized Social Media Takeaways! #SFGettingSmarter

This week’s #SFGettingSmarter session was done by Tara Kingi, one of our Content Marketing Strategists. Tara today shares her insights on using Facebook for Business, giving us snack-sized social media takeaways.

Facebook is the go-to social media network with 94% of marketers saying they commonly use this platform. The familiar friend (or foe) that is Facebook has been giving business page owners and marketers grief in recent times. Organic reach has declined to around 6%. Understandably, it’s discouraging to pay to reach an audience you probably paid to acquire in the first place.
Fortunately, there are some things you can do to optimise the content you are currently publishing. That is the premise behind today’s presentation of snack-sized social media takeaways. Snacks are small and generally inexpensive. You’re already aware of the paid advertising capabilities of Facebook, so today we present you with small practical tips that won’t break the bank. Social media strategy differs for each industry, niche and business size. Therefore, pick the snacks that suit your individual social media dietary requirements.

The team listening to this weeks #SFGettingSmarter session
The Search Factory staff taking in knowledge at this week’s #SFGettingSmarter session.

So what’s on the menu?

  1. Most commonly used social media platforms
  2. Pay to play – organic reach
  3. Not all content is created equal – what Facebook prioritises
  4. Timing for engagement
  5. What doesn’t work anymore – click bating and like gating
  6. Looking to 2015 – video and Atlas
  7. Creativity

A Quick Taste of what’s Inside

  • The native link format is prioritised in the newsfeed. What kind of link posts are you publishing?
  • Facebook doesn’t just take into account the number of likes, comments and shares on your posts. It also takes into account when these occur. Is your audience engaging with your content soon after it is published?
  • Like gating has been abolished. Do you still have apps or incentives that require users to like your page?

Make sure you watch the video at the top of the page, and if you would like to view the slides, we’ve embedded them below:

Social Media Marketing
November 13,2014
Guest Author

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