Get Pinning – Why Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest
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October 16,2014

Get Pinning – Why Your Business Needs to be on Pinterest

By now I’m sure you’ve probably heard of this addictive online pin board we call Pinterest. It’s where you’ll find every photographer, blogger, bride-to-be, mum-to-be, creative and their dog late on a Friday night. Surprisingly, you’ll also find pins from brewers, petrol heads, gym junkies and golfers (we now know that approximately 42% of the user base is male).

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While it is great for induced feelings of jealousy over magazine-perfect dinner parties with burlap table runners and flawless lemon meringue pie, there is a little more to Pinterest than just mason jars and blackboard paint.

Pinterest is quickly becoming a valuable tool for business. I don’t just mean e-commerce either – you might be surprised who you will find on the virtual pin board, bringing in loyal followers and building communities. This blog post will outline a few ways Pinterest can help you grow your online presence.

Create an Online Portfolio

Not only is Pinterest another great way to showcase your work, but it allows for sharing and discussion with each pin. Make sure you are pinning your own product straight from your business’ website so that you get all the benefits of the click-through. Once pinners are led to your website, the hope is that you can keep them there with other interesting content!

Click-through Rates resulting in Sales

Click-through rates for e-commerce from Pinterest are quickly overtaking any other social platform. Pin-friendly e-commerce sites saw an 8.3% increase in revenue in the first six months of 2014. Simply put – if you are in e-commerce in any way, shape or form, you need to be here.

Free Marketing

It’s a form of free marketing to a new audience. The beauty of Pinterest is that one pinner might be passionate about ‘floral art’ but also search for their business related concerns i.e. ‘business storage solutions’. Bam. It’s yours for the taking if you have created pinable product images on your website. This pinner may not have fit into your target audience in the digi-sphere but on Pinterest, the interests are as varied as they come. No matter what your service or product is, there’s someone out there just waiting to find it, pin it and share it.

Longevity of Shares

Unlike most other social platforms, your pinned product can be easily found months and months later. A tweet will disappear down that timeline before the majority of your audience can see it like it never even existed. With one search of a keyword, evidence of your product will appear on Pinterest for everyone to know about.

Market Research

Pinterest is an invaluable tool that allows you to get some insight into your audience. You have the ability to discover the hobbies, interests and want-lists of all of your followers – WITHOUT having to spend money!

User-Generated Engagement

Pinterest engagement is USER-GENERATED! 70% of the conversation on Pinterest is driven by customers talking about brands. This is a great thing, especially considering that it’s usually brands talking about brands. Provide these pinners with your brand and get some conversation and engagement happening!


Up until about a year ago, Pinterest didn’t provide a great deal of depth and insight into your pinning activity. You can now rest assured that their analytics have you covered. You can now can gain insight into who is sharing each pin and why.

pinterest for business

Pinterest is currently incredibly undervalued from a business perspective. I hope this post has given you some inspiration to get pinning and get your product or service up for the world to see. You can follow Search Factory on Pinterest here. So go get pinning now – your customers are there, so why aren’t you?!


This article was written by Alice Duffield. Alice is a Content Marketing Strategist at Search Factory and also writes her own blog at The Perch Press.

Social Media Marketing
October 16,2014
Guest Author

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