Social Media Facts and Stats
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Social Media Marketing
July 9,2013

Social Media Facts and Stats

Does anyone remember having to settle for shopping at local shops or having a phone and address book to remember a person’s number, address or birthday? No longer do we have to walk around, taking risks on products we’ve never used before without the comfort of reviews from millions of users that are in our immediate area.

Luckily, we now have the luxury of having all that information posted on their social media pages. Social media has become a huge part of everyone’s day to day lives, as it influences strongly factors like purchase decisions to where the best place to eat is. The influence of social media is so strong that companies have now included it in their every day routines with 65% of companies updating everyday and at least taking up 5% of marketing budgets, because let’s face it, if you don’t have a Facebook page, Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile or even have a presence online, you’d be pretty hard to find or even cease to exist to many people.

Don’t believe me? Here are some collaborated facts and statistics to ponder over…

Here are the top 10 social media sites and how many Aussies use them according to

  1. Facebook – 11,534,540 Australian users/accounts
  2. YouTube – 11,250,000
  3. – 3,200,000
  4. Blogspot – 2,900,000
  5. Tumblr – 2,900,000
  6. LinkedIn – 2,900,000
  7. Twitter – 2,167,849 Active Australian Users
  8. Instagram – 1,083,924 Active Australian Users
  9. Flickr – 880,000
  10. TripAdvisor – 810,000

Yellow Social Media Report suggests that:

Social media is on a continuing rise compared to 2012, the amount of online Australians who use social media has increased 3% to 65%, while the number of online Aussies who use social media daily has increased from 9% to 45%.

A further 74% of social media users read a review online before they decide to purchase an item, with 58% of social media research resulting in a purchase – an increase of 18%!

Social Partner further states that:

47% of social media users connect with businesses and brands via social media.

51% of Facebook fans say they would further purchase products from a brand since becoming a fan or liking their page.

60% of Facebook fans say they would likely recommend a brand since becoming a fan or liking their page.

The facts are all there, now all you have to do now is to make time for social media! It should be viewed as an opportunity to attract more new customers to your business and keep current ones engaged as this medium is where consumers are looking.

Social Media Marketing
July 9,2013
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