By the Customer, for the Customer: UGC Success Stories
Adrien Van Bruinessen Adrien Van Bruinessen
Social Media Marketing
June 29,2016

By the Customer, for the Customer: UGC Success Stories

User-generated content is a beautiful thing. It gives you a break from the constant axe-grind of producing your own fresh content and allows your consumers or clients to take centre stage.

Why Should You Consider Using User-Generated Content?

In an age where the internet and social media reign, more and more businesses are coming up with clever ways to get their users to contribute content. This approach – when done well – can lead to heightened brand awareness, enhanced brand perception, increased website traffic, and valuable customer engagement.

Not only does user-generated content show your audience that you value your consumers’ input; it also gives other potential consumers confidence in your brand as they see their peers’ positive engagement – a modern, digital variety of old-fashioned, word-of-mouth marketing.

Thinking about creating your own user-generated content campaign? Check out some our favourites for inspiration.

Burberry: The Art of the Trench

Burberry User-Generated Content

Burberry launched their user-generated content website, The Art of the Trench, in 2009. The site allows customers to post images of themselves in the famous Burberry trench coat, offering style inspiration to other potential buyers.

Customers enjoyed seeing how real people wore the item so much that the site contributed to a 50% sales increase year on year.

Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

In 2011, Coca-Cola launched their “Share a Coke” campaign to increase their presence on social media and, in turn, increase sales. They added names to the labels of Coke bottles and cans to provide a more personal experience for consumers and encourage further social media exposure for the brand.

Thanks to the novelty of having your name on your drink, Coke received the increase in sales that they were hoping for… but they probably also got several disappointed emails from people with uncommon names!

Starbucks: White Cup Contest

Starbucks launched their White Cup Contest in 2014, encouraging consumers to submit photos of their unique hand-designed Starbucks cups on social media.

Almost 4,000 people got involved throughout the 3 weeks, submitting their doodled cups in the hopes of winning and having their design become the template for a limited-edition Starbucks cup.

National Geographic: Wanderlust Contest

The #WanderlustContest was a simple yet genius campaign idea from National Geographic. This was a perfect example of knowing your audience and offering incentives that they are guaranteed to be interested in.

Known for their beautiful images from around the world, it was more than safe for National Geographic to assume that their social media community would jump at the chance to post their own pics in the hopes of winning a photo expedition to Yosemite National Park. The contest resulted in endless submissions and a massive increase in social media engagement for the brand.

Whether you’ve hit your limits with producing quality content yourself or you simply want to get creative with your social media strategy, getting your users directly involved could be the answer.

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Social Media Marketing
June 29,2016
Adrien Van Bruinessen

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