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Build your website ranking with a custom Search Engine Optimisation strategy! Specifically tailored to your business, our tactics aren’t pulled from bland SEO templates; our team of experts design your SEO plan from an on and off site SEO analysis, combining market leading knowledge with passion, consultation and a hint of innovation.Read More
Our SEM methodology delivers unparalleled results. Tested and proven, we know how to get the best out of your Adwords, Facebook CPC, Remarketing and Display campaigns. Maximise your ROI with Search Factory today.Read More
Content marketing is key to long term success online. Our team of marketing experts ensure your content appears in the right places, remaining relevant to your industry and values while driving engagement. What is your content marketing forecast? Contact Search Factory and find out.Read More
Become King of the ‘Net with content. Our in-house team deliver targeted, share-worthy copy according to the needs and specifications of your business. Website copy, SEO articles, press releases, promotional material and more, contact our word factory and find out what premium content can do for your bottom line.Read More

5 questions to ask a new SEO company

5 key questions you must ask a new SEO Company:

Google’s Head of Webspam, Matt Cutts, has been saying “content is king” for a long time. So why do SEO companies continue to use low quality, outsourced, spun content from overseas writers who barely understand the English language? If you are going to participate in any link building activity, it is critical to use content that is HIGH QUALITY. If you wouldn’t publish it on your own website, don’t use it for link building! At Search Factory, we have our own in-house team of writers to handle all forms of content writing so you can be sure you will always receive quality content.
If your SEO provider can’t answer basic questions about the Google algorithm, move on! SEO has changed significantly over the past twelve months and things that used to achieve results could now see your site penalised and removed from the SERPs. And, if you do receive a penalty, the road back can be very, very long…So do things right the first time! At Search Factory, we have a number of factors that we look at for on-site and off-site SEO. We know that all links are not equal and take appropriate measures to ensure we are building a search engine friendly backlink profile that won’t be penalised in future Google updates.
If your SEO company won’t give you complete transparency with their link building activity, it’s probably because they are building very few links or their links are of such a low quality that they don’t want to show you. If they are using low quality link packages they may try to cover this up by saying something like “we don’t want to give away our secrets”, but honesty and transparency are two things that any good SEO company will be happy to provide you with. We provide our clients with detailed link reports and 100% transparency with all SEO activities, so you always know what’s going on. It’s your website – you deserve to know what’s happening to it!
If your Search Engine Optimisation company doesn’t have a proven history of working with reputable brands and achieving great results over a long period of time, look elsewhere! Look for a company who works with recognisable brands and has consistently achieved results in competitive industries over a long period of time. Want to check out some of Search Factory’s clients? Click here. As you will see, we work with some of the most recognisable brands in Australia over a long period of time.
If your SEO company is being completely honest with you, the correct answer here will be “No” OR, they may be guaranteeing a position 1 ranking for a very specific, long-tailed keyword that is not going to give you any traffic.  Search Engine Optimisation results can’t be guaranteed because no one really knows what the Google algorithm is going to do next. Be skeptical if you are ever offered an SEO guarantee. It is often used as a ploy to get your signature.  

Why Choose Us:

  • No lock in contracts, packages or gimmicks.
  • Long term relationships with Australia’s biggest brands.
  • Proven track record of delivering record breaking results.
  • All services and budgets are flexible.
  • Transparent and customisable reporting.
  • All services are handled in-house by an Australian team.
  • A wealth of search related experience.

What Our Clients Say:

Search Factory has helped us navigate Google’s constantly changing algorithm updates with great success
Search Factory have helped us to increase our online revenue by 785%.
99 Bikes,
Search Factory increased our SEM conversion rate by 54% and decreased Cost Per Acquisition by 47% while reducing AdWords spend by $5,000. Organic traffic has increased by 190.13% since May 2012. Conversions from Organic traffic have increased by 196% since tracking started in July 2012.
Since we started with Search Factory, we have seen conversions increase by 36% and reduced CPA by 50%.
My Health Warehouse,
As of June this year, organic traffic is up 179.05% year on year with the average duration of visits increased by 42%. Number of pages visited has also increased by 26.48%, showing a large increase in targeting quality traffic that is engaging with our site. Our share of voice has increased with new visitors to the site increasing by 181.45%.
Travel Money Oz,


At Search Factory we are proud to be certified as a Google Adwords partner and a Google Analytics qualified business.

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Scope of Engagement: Advance Traders engaged Search Factory to improve the current state of Search Engine Optimisation on the Merida Australia website. The goals for the activity, as set by initial..

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