People often get excited when think they have a great idea for a new website and blindly leap straight into the development stage, and in doing so, completely skip any SEO planning.

You can save a lot of time and money by consulting an SEO professional to assist in the planning of the website from the very start; instead of having your new site built and then considering SEO.

Here are 3 SEO tips for you to consider before building your next website:

Keyword Research

So you think you have a great idea and found an amazing niche in the market, but do you really? Just because you think it’s an amazing idea, doesn’t mean other people are looking for it! Do some research on Google’s Keyword Tool to find out if people are actually looking for your product/service/niche you are looking to target. This is also a great way to discover closely related keyword terms that have significant search volume that you may not have considered or simply overlooked because you thought that people wouldn’t be searching for these terms.

Perform Keyword Research

Website Layout

Before you start building page after page on your website, develop a clear plan of how your website will be structured. The basic website layout depicted below shows a site that has a clear and logical structure that would be easily navigated by visitors.
Make sure you build individual pages to target different groups of keywords. For example, you will find it impossible to rank for your terms if you tried to optimise the homepage to target all terms.

Good Website Layout

Your website should also use an SEO-friendly URL structure using ‘breadcrumbs’ to define a clear page hierarchy.

Page Targeting

Once you have built the pages for targeting your keyword groups (including 250 words of unique content on all pages), you must naturally optimise your H1 headings and Page Titles for these terms. It is essential not to overuse your keywords here or you will likely draw the attention of Google’s Penguin.

Page Targeting

Don’t forget about your Meta Descriptions! While they no longer hold any ranking value for SEO, they are a great way to encourage searchers to click through to your site when you appear in the SERP’s. It is a good idea to capitalise the first letter of the keywords in your Meta Description, as these words will be displayed in bold when someone searches for them. This can be a good little trick to help your site stand out from the rest!


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