To be able to thoroughly analyse your website, as well as those of your competitors, there are a number of online subscription tools you could use. Working in an SEO agency, we analyse websites every day, so we need to be using tools that can quickly and effectively give us the particular metrics we need. Here are three of the tools that we use every day:

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer lets you compare, side by side, your website against your competition. This tool allows you to discover your Domain Authority (DA) and the number of linking root domains, compared to the total number of external links, which is a great way to see where your website stands against the competition, and where you need to improve. Open Site Explorer can also be used to view the anchor text used by each Linking Root Domain in your backlink profile, and to see the top pages on your domain according to Page Authority.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO allows you to note the Trust and Citation flow of your site, along with plenty of other metrics. Trust and Citation flow is a great way to see the quality of your backlink profile and if it may need to be cleaned up. So, what are Trust and Citation flow scores? Your Trust flow score is given by Majestic SEO and predicts how trustworthy your domain is judging by the website that are linking to it. Your Citation flow score, however, represents how influential a domain might be, based on how many sites are linking to it. Essentially, you are wanting high and equal Trust and Citation flow scores to show that you have a high number of Linking Root Domains, all of which are of high quality.


AHRefs is a great tool to use if you would like to review your backlink profile and see exactly where your backlinks are coming from. Using this information, you can check the quality of that domain using the previously mentioned tools, as well as the anchor text used for those links. AHRefs also has a feature that allows you to see which content on your website or your competitors’ websites have been engaged with and shared the most across different social media platforms. This is a great way to see the type of content that interests your visitors, allowing you to create more targeted content for them in the future.

This has been a quick overview of just a few of the many tools that we use here at Search Factory each and every day to analyse the websites of our clients and their competitors. What other tools do you find useful for website analysis? Leave your answers below!

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