This week in #SFGettingSmarter, Matt discusses the important topic of attribution. Do the terms first interaction, last interaction or assisting interaction mean anything to you? Do you know how to create an insightful attribution report? In this session Matt covers the fundamentals of attribution, different attribution models and how to utilise this data in your digital strategy. Watch the full session below.

A common misconception is that each online marketing channel is a standalone medium when it comes to generating results for your brand. The issue with this view is that you are not looking at how all your channels interact together to generate value for your brand, which may lead to poor strategy and planning. 

This getting smarter sessions provides a quick introduction to attribution and why it is important aspect of online marketing, as well as providing two quick example reports you can run in Google Analytics to help better direct your online strategies.In this session you will learn:

1. What is Attribution?

  • Introduction to what attribution is and why attribution is important in directing online marketing strategy

2. Looking at Assisted Attribution

  • Overview of how to set up an assisted attribution report in Google Analytics and what this report presents

3. Looking at Click Path Attribution

  • Overview of how to set up a top conversion path report in Google Analytics and what this report presents

4. How to Use Data for Strategy

  • Discussion on how to use the findings from assisted attribution reports to direct online marketing strategy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks session. Remember you can access the #SFGettingSmarter slides any time below or on Slideshare. If you have a topic that you would like to see featured on #SFGettingSmarter, please get in contact or leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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