Have you ever downloaded an article on the bus, at work or at home to just read in your own time but never got around to finishing it? According to Slate columnist Farhad Manjoo, very few people on the internet are actually finishing articles. To asses this claim Manjoo analysed Slates website and the views it received. Starting from 161 views, 38 percent had already ‘bounced’ from the article – meaning they’ve left the page without a second glance – and continuing down the article, those that stayed were now halved past the first 100 words. What’s more fascinating is that many readers would post an article on social media without actually finishing it.

What can we take from this information?

What we can take from the above information is that our attention spans are shortening and if there is nothing that grasps our attention or we’re not getting results fast there’s no point in continuing through the article. We now live in the age of images and skimming, and with more than 2.5 billion camera phones in use, a new universal language has been created with the aid of social media websites such as Facebook, Pintrest, Instagram and Tumblr. Websites like these allow you to share your biggest or smallest experience with everyone and anyone who’s interested in real time.

Why is this relevant?

Have you heard the expression out of sight out of mind? You want images on your website because you want to hold onto your reader’s attention, as well as have your brand remembered, as there are other things that are probably more interesting, that they could be doing like playing video games, eating or playing sport. Images can give a boost to your page views and shares as research has shown, content pages with images have higher page views by 94 percent and Businesses with images on their website are likely to gain 60% more consideration or actual contact from consumers when searching online.

Images can ignite a readers emotions and have them to continue reading it till the end and if you want to stay in the game maybe it’s time to consider popping some images of how awesome your company is and why people should consider you.

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