What’s the best practice for link building in the post-Penguin 2.0 world? We’ve read for so long now that content marketing is king, and any link building effort would go hand-in-hand with brand building or brand engagement activities. What hasn’t been talked about much as an advanced link building technique is earning high authority link by giving. It’s not the old school link exchange, nor a guest post exchange – instead of spending your SEO budget with spammy link networks, this is giving back to the community for a good cause and earning valuable backlinks! I’ve looked at a few local Australian charity organizations that shout out to their sponsors or supporters and also provide a do-follow backlink:

The Orangutan Project

The Orangutan Project

The Orangutans are playful, intelligent and dedicated yogis (their arms stretch out longer than their bodies!) – that’s probably all you know about these orange furry creatures. Do you also know that they give you a PR 5 backlink if you shower them with some love? The Orangutan Project site has a page listing their major partners and supporters who make significant donations towards orangutan conservation. Minimum donation in order to make your way to their supporter page is $750 which is considered quite expensive for most of the link building budgets, but we all know that a single high authority backlink is worth more than two hundreds bulk submission links. What’s even better is that you will receive a cuddly toy monkey from your donation!



Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. By registering yourself as a lender on Kiva.org and offering a loan to someone in need towards their projects, you get a do-follow backlink to your site from your profile page. The minimum loan amount you have to offer is quite minimal at around USD50, and you will even get paid back as the borrowers repay your loan. There’re plenty of interesting projects that people put on Kiva. The best tip is to pick a most relevant one to your brand and your industry. For example, if you make a loan to a website building project chances are that you might even be able to negotiate for an extra backlink from their sites.

CEO SleepOut

CEO Sleepout

Send your boss to the street for a rough night to earn a PR5 .org.au link! This is a great local initiative and a unique way to raise awareness for homelessness in Australia by getting the top CEO’s in town to experience for themselves life as a homeless person for a night. You might have a hard time trying to push this through to your CEO, but if you do you will be rewarded with a do-follow link on one of their registered CEO profiles.

I’m sure there’re plenty of other opportunities in your local communities to be involved in, as supporters get high authority backlinks in return. I’m sharing these few that I stumbled upon, hoping that SEO-ers will flood their sign-up emails with some love and cash. Remember though none of these opportunities are to be exploited as only those giving genuinely will be rewarded!

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