One thing that we pride ourselves on as an agency is long term strategies and results for our SEO clients. We don’t focus on blackhat tactics that will trick Google today, we focus on what we believe will deliver results long into the future, because we want our clients to stay with us and continue to see benefits from our activity. Having a completely in-house team means that if we ever need to adjust strategies for a client, it can be done, if we want to add a new quality metric to our work, we are able to do it. It’s these things that I believe set us apart from most of our competitors and continues to push us and our clients ahead of the Australian industry.

So what better way to review this than to take a look at results of our clients after the recent Google Penguin 2.1 update. There’s more info explained in the link to the article, but in a nutshell, it’s Google targeting low quality SEO tactics that are being employed by many in the industry.

How did our clients go after Penguin 2.1?

I analysed organic traffic from the 4th October (date of the update) to the 17th October to ensure a decent data size and then compared this to the same number of days prior. This data has been taken from all clients that we manage all aspects of SEO for and have had on board for 3 months or longer to ensure we’ve had enough time to work on their strategy. Any good SEO knows a window like this is needed when starting with a new website. Getting improved results after algorithm updates is not a common occurrence for a lot of agencies, but it is for us. It goes to show that the strategies we use for clients are in line with what Google is looking for and that we should see even better results to come!

Drum roll please…………….

  1. Percentage of Clients That Had an Increase in SEO Traffic: 94%

  2. Percentage of Clients That Had an Increase in SEO Traffic over 10%: 61%

  3. Percentage of Clients That Had an Increase in SEO Traffic over 20%: 32%


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