If you have had ongoing problems monitoring your social media, links or web citations, you can now do it all in one place with the Fresh Web Explorer thank to SEOmoz.

The innovative approach allows companies to monitor their brand online – whether the brand or site is being mentioned, competitor discussions and current trends within your niche industry.


Although there are a variety of other platforms available with metrics to track these important elements, Fresh Web Explorer now delivers them all in one place.

By simply typing in your brand’s name or URL into the search box, you retrieve a graph identifying your mentions. You can filter these to suit based on the previous week or month, depending on how much you want to narrow down the results. You can then compare multiple terms or brands and establish the trend between them.


So far this is a great tool to deliver uncertain results which were originally difficult to source. However the more specific you are with your search terms will determine the quality of the results that are retrieved. We searched very broad terms but it’s still interesting to see how often they are mentioned. You can narrow it down much more specifically to your unique brand name to establish mentions.

We are looking forward to continually using this new feature moving forward.

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