We’re growing! Last week was a big week here in Search Factory as we officially welcomed Mick to the ‘brotherhood’ (me being the only lady in the office gets a bit lonely on Friday afternoon looking for a champagne buddy!). We’re overtly excited about molding Mick into the next link building guru.  Here I am building a list of must-have tools to help get him started.



Buzzstream is a web-based subscription service made for managing link building campaigns for multiple clients. I use Buzzstream daily as a dedicated CRM, prospecting, and sharing contacts among our teams. The number one reason I love Buzzstream is that it takes out the most tedious and time-consuming part of link building  i.e. maintaining spreadsheets of sites URLs, contacts, site metrics, advertising rates etc. and the list goes on.

With new starters joining, I can easily share the contacts from my previous outreach effort by adding them to my Buzzstream account (they offer different plans depending on the number of users you need).  This makes sure any of our teams’ previous outreach effort is not duplicated and the new members can focus on expanding the existing link partner database.

It’s worth mentioning that Buzzstream also offers a fantastic blogrolls tool. The best part of it? It’s subscription-free!

It’s a superbly powerful tool for prospecting – as most blogs have blogrolls, you can build a list of thousands of potential link partners by starting with one blogroll search.


Netpeak Checker


With the enormous list of potential link partners you generated, you can import the files into Netpeak Checker which is another free-to-use software built to make mass analysis of sites a much easier task. One disappointment is that it’s not 100% reliable as sometimes certain metrics might not show.

I’m also exploring the other two web-based tools for checking site metrics in bulk:



Chrome extensions

Two Google Chrome extensions I absolutely can’t link-build without are SEO Moz Bar and Pagerank Checker. These are for manual checking of all the important site parameters. When assessing the value of a potential link, we mainly look at Page Rank, domain authority, page authority and linking root domains, which are all covered with these two extensions installed (other factors to determine the value of an SEO link are covered by a post of Nic earlier which I refer to as the bible of SF!).




Having to come up with hundreds of newsworthy and captivating blog post titles for our clients each month means getting inspired and keeping up to date to what’s trending on the web is vital. Getting my daily dose of blogpost reading by skimming through my favourite Flipboard channels has been a morning routine. Flipboard works perfect as a source of inspiration for content ideas, and possibly work better than Google Reader for those who are visual driven.


To round it up, I’ll leave you with some awesome reading materials on SEOmoz that will help you or your new starters into the swing of things in no time!

The Ultimate Guide To Advanced Guest Blogging

SEOMoz Beginners Guide To SEO

This is by no mean an exhaustive list and is targeted for the new kids in SEO town. What’s the must-have on your tool list? Would love to have your feedback here!

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