What is the next big battle for online marketing and advertising companies? First it was the panda and penguin updates making an impact in the online world, but now since the mess with the NSA, people have become more aware and sensitive to who is actually tracking their online activity and are starting to download ad blockers.

With online advertisements not generating enough revenue recently, a lot of companies are forced to go to the next level to get their audiences attention with flashing banner ads, video clips that start automatically as soon as you open the page you want to view, leading you to shut down all the tabs you opened just because you could not find that noisy clip ruining your peaceful online reading time (personal experience rant).

Ads are generally getting worse and worse, eventually they’ll become so annoying that no one will want to click on them anymore. This could affect online blogs and other websites that rely on advertisements as a form of income.

Faida the CEO of Adblock Plus, a plug in used by over 50 million people, has noticed this issue and is taking an unusual approach to it. Faida mentions to Salon that:

“…The web needs a healthy advertising industry to support its free services offered…”

So someone who is trying to block intrusive advertising still believes that online advertising should still be around. And to action this, Adblock Plus will charge large companies a fee to let the ‘non-intrusive’ ad participate in their Acceptable Ads program.

I guess what online advertisers can take from this is that your advertising should be efficient and mindful. Yes you want to get the attention of the reader but if the reader wants to go onto your page they’ll deliberately search for it. John Baker the president of dotJWT also mentions that:

“…if there is minimal interruption you’ll be giving the users the ability to choose to see more when they want to see more…”

Which means your ad has a stronger chance of not getting blocked.

So this is just something you might want to think about before posting an ad that basically comes out of the screen and into your customers face saying ‘LOOK AT ME! GIVE ME ATTENTION!’ Because we all know what happens to attention seekers, people actively ignore them.

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