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The Crazy S**t People Search for on Google

Have you ever been typing a legitimate search query into Google and taken notice of the weird/funny/disturbing auto-complete suggestions that sometimes pop up? I present Exhibit A:


Scarily, one of the factors Google auto-complete takes into account when coming up with these ‘guesses’ is how often these similar searches are conducted. This got us thinking, just how much search volume is there for some of Google’s weirdest auto-complete suggestions? Take a look for yourself below:

*For the record, cats can’t talk because they’re cats.


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As you may be able to tell by now, we love tinkering with the internet here in our Brisbane offices.

Have you noticed any hilarious Google auto-complete results yourself? Make sure you share the giggles below in the comments section!

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Did you really just compare women to sandwich makers? Classy.


That’s waaaay better than comparing them to an automobile part…like a hose clamp.

jim caveny

All you Bruces and Sheilas are totally awesome. Love the mindset!!

one crazy canuck


This was a let down. Seriously? People google much weirder things than this. I’m talking some really messed up stuff. Also “why did I get married” is a movie so that might be why it was googled by so many people.


Sandwich maker? Get your heads out of your asses and into the 21st century.


Women? Sandwich makers? Sexist much?


What was the need to shade ARTPOP? Losers.