As a business owner or marketing manager, your time is precious, and the need to prioritise time cannot be taken lightly. Usually, tasks that aren’t seen as important to the greater cause get cut, and sadly one of these tasks is blogging. Blogging usually falls under the category of ‘value adding’ and is normally not seen as a key driver to achieving marketing KPIs. But I am here to tell you that is just not true. Regardless of the size of the business or if you cater to the B2C or B2B sectors, a blog for your business is a marketing powerhouse that deserves attention, and here’s why:


Let’s look further into these statistics and make sense of what they actually mean to a business or marketer.


The old and ineffective SEO method of large volumes of irrelevant links and link farming just do not work. SEO has moved from quantity to quality and a blog is a perfect place to adopt these new practices. Blogs give you the opportunity to garner natural relevant links to your website from other Internet users who see your content as valuable. Moreover, it increases the amount of pages that can be potentially found by a customer in the search results, so metaphorically speaking, a blog gives you a bigger chunk of the Internet pie.

The fact is blogging can provide a 431% increase in indexed pages and 97% more inbound links –  these are compelling stats that cannot be ignored. It demonstrates that creating custom content like blogs have a very strong impact on garnering natural links for SEO.



Paid online advertisements can have minimal penetration in terms of developing brand equity and recognition in the online environment. On the flip side, blogging and constant generation of custom unique content has produced impressive results in building customer relationships, with 70% of consumers seeing a blog as a better way to connect with your product or brand than ads. So if one of your main marketing goals for 2015 is to build this aspect of your company, blogging will give you the greatest chances of building that loyalty.



Capturing online leads and monetising your digital efforts is far more overwhelming than in a simple bricks and mortar setting. Converting a visitor from your website to a paying customer can be helped by using a blog. Actively engaging your blogs as a marketing tactic can help in lead capture and subsequent remarketing plans.

So no matter what marketing objectives you are trying to accomplish, the humble blog post can give you more recognition, improve your search clout and lead to increases in lead generation and positive ROI. If this isn’t a reason to jump into the blogging game, I don’t know what is.


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